Will FF Versus XIII go to X360? writes:"There are chances. Let me explain the theory as to how and why Final Fantasy Versus XIII could appear to the Xbox 360. Whether Square-Enix announce it at a later date as a straight release or a timed exclusive on the Playstation 3, then makes it way to the 360 some time after, it could happen."

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Le-mo3741d ago

Such a poorly written article.

TOSgamer3741d ago

Yep, someone needs to lay off them video games and get an edumacation. Then he can worry about the fate of FF 13 vs.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago

i dont think square actually took into full consideration what they were up against in porting such a huge demanding game to the 360

if you read the interviews they havnt started work on the 360 version they only recently made the decision to port it over which was probably influenced by the huge ms check, they are going to have to work on a dvd9, the orchestral music alone will prob fill up one dvd9 disk so lots of compression needed, graphics from the cell,square have given their programmers a major headache

i just hope work on the 360 doesnt start until the ps3 version is finished because id hate to see stuff left out and corners cut just so they can make their life on the 360 version a little easier.

hay3741d ago

Simple, all PS3's biggest exclusives will be ported to X360... //sarcasm
There was MGS4, now Versus 13, what's next? God of War 3? Those articles are pretty much lame.

ChampIDC3741d ago

Why is it that everytime somebody mentions a PS3 exclusive possibly going to the 360, everyone says the author is an idiot? His arguments are completely valid, and he does argue both sides, so stop being so defensive of your PS3.

Tomdc3741d ago

how many discs do u guys reckon?

Im goin for 4 when they compress everything more

Unreal013741d ago

I reckon about four discs. :)

I can't help but feel that PS3 owners will get some kind of exclusive content in FF13, with, perhaps, some things being left out of the 360 version...I don't know.
Verses 13, I hope, will stay exclusive to show some loyalty towards PS3 users...

DeadIIIRed3741d ago

If Versus was going to the 360 why wouldn't they have announced it going multi-plat at E3, rather than denying it? Besides, we still don't know if Sony willingly let go of FFXIII for something bigger...

kevnb3741d ago

Do you really think Square Enix needed a big check from microsoft to put FFXIII on the 360? We are talking about what is becoming the Japanese equivalent of EA games here. Just because microsoft loaned a desperate rock* 50 million in exchange for downloadable content doesn't mean anything about FFXIII.

jaysquared3741d ago

So how long you guys think the first install with be for the ps3? 2o 30 minutes? then 5-10 minutes before every chapter and then another 5 minutues if switch to a different profile? What do you guys think?

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Montrealien3741d ago

Do we really care at this point? I'm getting it for my PS3 either way and people should just buy the game on the console they want.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

The PS3 version will be better whatever happens. Micro$oft are getting Desperate!!! Even their Fans on this are!!! Just look at what most of them say+their names and the photos on their 'Avatar'???
I'd be ASHAMED to be a normal xBox 360 owner after reading the stuff they do on this!!!
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|............____|...____| IS THE BEST!!!;)

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Yoichi_Wada3741d ago

Yes Sir Ken i agree, the 360 version is going to be laggy, also it will be several disks due to the limitations of xbox 360 and its old dual layered disks. The ps3 version has the Blu-ray and has no limitations

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3741d ago

All i ask from you is that the Big Announcement that is coming will make PS3 Fans Jump with JOY!!!;)
They Deserve it, my Loyal Disciples;)

p.s I didn't know Square acquired Taito in 2005??? I love 'Taito' old skool games!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P ;-P ;-P

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3741d ago

@Kutaragi Soon the world will be ours

Yoichi_Wada3741d ago

No worries my fellow sony frinds, the new titles will blow you all away, it'll be astonishing and yes all ps3 fans will jump for joy as it'll trully hit that WOW factor in gaming.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3741d ago

Will it be on the 360? YES Why? Because they are gonna need all the help they can get to stop the invincinble SONY machine of Destruction.

Microsoft needs a miracle for this fight so let them do everything they can.Good luck...NOT!

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deividpaulo3741d ago

and so....
what kind of article is it??

La Chance3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Its because theyre more insecure than otehr fanboys.Well , it looks like it.I look at both sony fanboys and 360 fanboys and sony fanboys just seem to be more extreme , more reactive , sensitive.Maybe its because they "Playsatation" has more history and represents alot more than the "XBOX".I mean xbox didnt even exist till a couple of years ago and and wasnt raely succesful.

on topic : FFversus does have a chance of coming to 360.If FF13 sells well (of course it wil) , it will be hard for Square to ignore the 2 or 3 million people who bought FF13 onh 360 because they'll probably want to get FFversus too.If it does come to 360 it will probably be a PS3 timed exclu because I dont see Square shocking the playstation world once again.

Bazookajoe_833741d ago

"Its because theyre more insecure than otehr fanboys.Well , it looks like it.I look at both sony fanboys and 360 fanboys and sony fanboys just seem to be more extreme , more reactive , sensitive."

And that comes from an xbox fanboy side of view..

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AmaziN3741d ago

A good article that raises a few valid points that are true.

"remember a year ago when Square Enix announced FFXIII as a PS3 exclsuive?"

La Chance3741d ago

remeber that and all the "only possible with the Cell".It seems to be the excuse every dev uses to justify a PS3 exclu.Even Free Radical used that excuse "we want to take advantage of the Cell at 100%" for Haze.

An I remember T2 saying that "Bioshock will never come to PS3".

I really dont trust AT ALL whatever a 3rd part dev says.I cant believe some people believe Square when they say it will never come to 360.Isnt that the EXACT same thing he said about FF13 ?an people are still taking his word for some kin of proof.

Thats why I tell myself MSFT might be in trouble in a couple of years.
ME , NG , Dead Rising etc could go multiplat(though I dont think its gonn ahappen).You never know what can happen.

Anyway all those saying FFversus and MGS4 xcant go multiplat are just lying to themselves.Im not saying they will come to 360 but there is a big possibility that they will.