The run down: more MGS4 info from Kojima

Big Man Kojima just spilled a couple more beans on MGS4 recently. For one thing, it seems that he's confirmed the previously expected "end of 2007" release for North America...

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DJ4358d ago

can't wait to see how those gun modifications turn out. Here's the proper translation of the article:

"-Regarding Young Snake, Kojima wouldn't say a word. He also refused to shed light on the injections, but he jokingly referred to them as "garlic shots." He did confirm that the injections do play a critical role in the final game.

-Gun mods are in the game. There's a section of the interview dedicated to this topic in particular, so once I have time I'll be sure to post the details.

-Kojima talks about the octo camo, and how it can change its color and texture. However, it cannot alter its shape. For example, Kojima said that an octopus cannot change itself to look like a dog, but it can mimick a dog's fur.

-Raiden will not be playable in the campaign, because Kojima doesn't want to "make the same mistake as MGS2."

-MGPO ties into MGS4, but Kojima won't specify as to how.

-Kojima talks about how there will be instances where making alliances is solely for survival. For example, suppose Snake was to hide behind an Army A tank. In order to improve his chances of survival, Solid Snake would do his best to defend the tank against enemies (Army B). Choosing sides isn't always a matter of preference. It's all about surviving.

+ Hideo said that you will be surprise by how many gun modifications there are.
+The enemies will have an emotional state ,if they are scared they will spend less time looking for you
+The enemies are not always after Snake
+You can swap Alliances
+You can be an enemy or ally to each side
+Granade launches, scopes are confirmed modifications
+There will be prototype weapons for you to use
+There will be imaginary weapons as well
+there can me multiple mods per gun
+ Hideo hinted that silencers, laser sights, and flash lights will be some of the gun modifications."

zonetrooper54358d ago

I might buy a PS3 for this game and Motorstorm but i need them to drop the price.