15 big predictions for Sony's E3 2015 press conference

"First up, it's Sony. The House of PlayStation is arguably in the strongest position of all of the big three, having enjoyed nigh consistently strong sales and community favour since the PS4's launch. But with the big games slowing down a little since Bloodborne, and The Order: 1886 having been more than a bit guff, what is it going to pull out of the bag to reignite momentum at this year's press conference?"

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bennissimo1262d ago

Brace yourselves. Sony's lineup for the rest of 2015 will be pretty thin. Now is when it's good to own more than one console.

Brotard1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

all depends on what you are into, personally i love horror so soma and until dawn. A huge team ico fan so rime looks awesome. etc, its all personal preference. though i would like to try out halo five just to keep up with the tradition of beating them all
But the article was actually pretty funny!

Rookie_Monster1262d ago

Agreed bennissimo,

It is indeed good to own all the systems. Got to play bloodborne in the first half of the year and follow up with Halo 5, Forza 6, and Tomb Raider at the end of the year. :)

poor_cus_of_games1262d ago

Here's a list that will help with your blindness.

lvl_headed_gmr1261d ago

Dear god

Did you even look at that list?

Last I checked Uncharted was delayed...
Lots of Indies
Broken SFIV
SFV isn't till next year or 2017

List is full of fail. Foolish to post that link. Blindness indeed

SoapShoes1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

That's full of crap! Not only will it have all of the big multiplatform games it'll have Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, No Man's Sky, Rime, Godzilla, FF XIV Heavensword, J Stars +, Dragon Quest Heroes, Persona 5, among others not even mentioning the unannounced games.

BitbyDeath1262d ago

+ Hellblade, BoI: Afterbirth, Alienation, Tomorrow Children, The Forest, Drawn to Death, Everybodys Gone to Rapture, Kill Strain, Killing Floor 2.

PS4 has tons of games coming.

itBourne1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I keep seeing these comments, not sure what games lineup they are looking at. I look at the full list of ps4 games this year, and I am like oh shit, thats right that game too and that one, oh yah that as well, damn, my wallet is not gonna like me.

Idk though, apparently if the name is not Halo, Gears, Uncharted, Mario, or Zelda you have NO games at all. And if you do have one of those that fall then the rest dont matter the entire year. Then those same people bitch that there is no innovation in games. Go figure lol

MasterCornholio1262d ago

I own a PS4 and I know I'll be playing plenty of Gamez this holiday season.

I'm happy that I don't limit myself to exclusives like some people do. Which is why I play games all year round whether exclusives or multiplats.

sovkhan1262d ago


When you have these :

Persona 5, Bloodborne, Nobunaga's Ambition, Samurai Warriors, and Dragon Quest Heroes...and the rest...

Why even bother???

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1262d ago

Uncharted 4 multiplayer reveal would be dope. Kh3 gameplay would be doper. Syphon filter reboot would THE dopest.

MrSec841262d ago

Anything new of Uncharted 4 will be awesome!

Sony Bend (SF developers) have been working on a new IP since like 2011/2012, open world Survival Horror, set in a futuristic style setting, with similar gameplay to The Last of Us apparently, so if Syphon Filter got a reboot it probably wouldn't be from them.

Guerrilla Games has also been working on another new IP since 2010, there's is said to be set in a post apocalyptic world, where humans live as tribes, hunting realistic wildlife and defending themselves from all kinds of different Robotic Dinosaurs.

Sony Worldwide Studios has a metric s**t tonne of new games in development at their 1st party studios.
Andrew House even said that 2015 is when the harvesting of those titles will begin, so surprises are happening at E3 and there will be new big exclusives releasing on PS4 this Fall.

Psytrix1262d ago

Their definition of 'sparse' is probably what Microsoft would consider 'loaded'

MrSec841262d ago

Yep, I mean considering the last major 1st party release on XBox One was Forza 5 (unless you consider Kinect Sports Rivals major) anyone bashing Sony because their 1st party output is lighter this year compared to at some other times is just plain ignorant.

"A little sparse" doesn't really fit with 2 games being everything Sony has, because Tearaway Unfolded and Kill Strain are the only, lone 1st party developed exclusives coming this year.
Even if Andrew House means for Bloodborne and Fat Princess Adventures (co-developed titles) to be classed as 1st party games it's still lighter than "A Little Sparse".

Given that Fergal Gara says Sony aren't concerned about their Fall line-up and MCV stated that more big exclusives were coming from Sony at that time either Sony has a few 1st party games to announce at E3 and release in Q4 or there are 3rd party exclusives to come, or a combination of the two.

I very much doubt Sony would have delayed Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank if they had nothing for the Fall besides 3rd party marketing deals and a price cut for PS4.
Naughty Dog are already testing the multiplayer for U4 and the only reasons for R&C's delay was because the movie didn't have a distributor and this Fall's cinema releases are packed out.
Sure the extra time will give those games extra polish, but if they were needed they'd be in a quality state to release this Fall.

Sony has loads of games in development and many of their developers have been quiet for a good couple of years.
Like the SCEJ teams that made Knack or Puppeteer, they won't have been twiddling their thumbs since Sept/Nov 2013.
SSM and Bluepoint finished PS All Stars in late 2012, same goes SSM and Lightbox for Starhawk.
Even GT7 has been in development alongside 6 for a while before GT6 came out, the 2 were basically conceived at the same time, so that's a very likely prospect this year.

There's probably bigger potential for surprises from Sony than any other platform holder.
This is probably going to be a huge blowout year for the Playstation conference at E3!

Xer0_SiN1262d ago

some people wanna hate on playstation just to hate. its like these john cena smarks. he comes out, they chant "john cena sucks". and in the middle of his matches, these very same people chant "this is awesome". doesnt matter who hes in the ring with either. he always shows up day in and day out and steps up when its time to shine. well, similar to the playstation. take it as you like.

Crummybear1262d ago

Lack of exclusives doesn't really bother me when we have more than enough 3rd party titles to keep us busy. I'll be playing Witcher 3 until Batman, and I'll be playing Batman until Metel Gear drops. That's without even mentioning Mad Max, Just Cause 3, and countless others. Sony has so many first party studios working on games right now that its absurd.

kma2k1262d ago

i have both consoles & to be honest i am not impressed with either lineup much. I am currently upgrading my pc into a gaming pc & i am MUCH more excited about playing on that then either console right now

sovkhan1262d ago

And what are so excited to play on pc, just a question???

sovkhan1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Oops!!! sorry double post!!!

FarEastOrient1262d ago

Waste of time to upgrade the PC, should've waited for the final specs for Star Citizen. Now that is a game worth upgrading the rig to max.

cbrcsg20011262d ago

oh, you mean just like the X1 lineup has been since Sunset Overdrive & FH2 came out??

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crazychris41241262d ago

Gamesradar is another site that loves to put each game on its own page.

TXIDarkAvenger1262d ago

Except it was all on one page.

crazychris41241262d ago

Yes its the same page but everytime you click for a new slide were hit with new ads on the side.

TXIDarkAvenger1262d ago

I'd like to think if they actually bothered with a RDR remake, it would be released on both consoles and PC because the architecture is similar.

A re-announced Driveclub would be interesting. I'm willing to bet either Driveclub or GT7 will be announced along side the G29. Hoping for GT7 though.

Uncharted Trilogy just makes so much sense but then again I thought the same with a God of War Trilogy and that didn't happen...yet.

wakeNbake1262d ago

I want to see Sony Bends open world horror game, I remember that leak a while back showed some lovecraftian artwork, looks pretty interesting.

Tony-Red-Grave1262d ago

What I expect:

No Last Guardian
SFV character reveal or demo
Uncharted collection
Bloodborne expansion
Price cut
30mins ot an hour of games getting attention
Hellblade demo
GT7 tease
GoWIV tease

thats about it for now.

RosweeSon1262d ago

Sounds pretty good to me, if they could just do some simple adjustments like make ps2 classics available on the PsVita sure its capable then I can sell my PS3 finally ;) also psOne classics on the ps4 wouldn't go a miss sure they could emulate one way or another.

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