PixelJunk Eden Trophies List Revealed

Seemingly some people have got their hands on Eden already, and the game's Trophy list has been revealed. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be any Golds in there, but with 20 Trophies to collect we reckon that's plenty anyway.

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TheHater3740d ago

not bad. Hope none of the trophies are as hard as the Super Stardust HD Bomber trophy

Fishy Fingers3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I got all of SSHD's, but the bomber one really is a pain in the ass. That and the 10X Multiplier, dying when your on 9X becomes quite annoying, but satisfying when complete :)

TOSgamer3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Although that kinda is the cheap way to do it. Easy mode is just that, way easy. I finished the game on easy without being hit once. I wish they made that a trophy. Flip the game without being hit. haha

Wildarmsjecht3739d ago

Late Boomer pissed me off relentlessly. It was so cheap to have a random asteroid come out of nowhere when u have 14 bombs and waiting for that drop ship.

Shock and Awe was also fairly tough, but after getting them all, I'm just waiting for more.

Tomdc3739d ago

bomber trophy took me 995 attemps =P

Panthers3739d ago

Ya, SSHD made me think that silver trophies were better than gold. The 15 bombs and the 10 nukes are so hard. Those are the 2 I am missing and I dont think I will try to get them anymore. I got the 10x multiplier easy. The rest werent too hard.

DarkBlade3739d ago

Late Boomer really should of been Gold and The bros. in arms should of been sliver.

Megaton3739d ago

The Endless bronze was hard enough to get. I can't even come close to getting the Bomber silver and the best I've done for Endless silver is 7 nukes.

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Xbox360_Mujahid3740d ago

theft is forbidden ! it's the work of satan ! sony r infidels !
they stole MS's Achievements ! STUPID INFIDELS !
X360 FTW

ape0073739d ago

this game is addictive

trophies will just make it more addictive

hazeblaze3739d ago

The game is not out yet is it?

Sangria3739d ago

No gold or platinum trophy? I guess there will be an update of the list soon.

PirateThom3739d ago

Well, download games don't get a platinum trophy and you don't even have to have a gold trophy.

Consider the 360 achievements for downloadable games - you can have as many achievments as you want but it has to equal 200 points.

The Trophies have a "behind the scenes" number attached, so, this game will give the same level increase as SSHD, but has more trophies to unlock since there's no gold or silver.

Or I might be wrong.

Tomdc3739d ago

your right ^^ but it will be the same value as super stardust HD without the expansion packs.

Panthers3739d ago

I cant wait till full games get trophies so I can get platinum trophies.

DarkBlade3739d ago

you and me both. People don't sel your uncharted(mid aug.) or warhawk(i believe at the end of the month) yet. Because they are getting trophy support soon.

Panthers3739d ago

Bro, I am never selling Uncharted. So far that has been my best experience on the PS3. I loved MGS and Warhawk, but Uncharted just comes out above.

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