Official Cover and New Plot Details for Batman: Arkham Knight – The Riddler’s Gambit Revealed

Alex Irvine’s prequel novel to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight is just weeks away from release. Now we have new details surrounding the book’s plot — which confirms the inclusion of Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

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DarkOcelet1237d ago

Lol, i also love how they say its "Based on the 'Hit' video game Batman: Arkham Knight"

The game has became a 'Hit' before its released. Really?

KiwiViper851237d ago

I reckon, they might as well just release GOTY version now...

TheJacksonRGN1237d ago

Well Asylum and City were hits. They figure it is a given lol.

CorndogBurglar1236d ago

Lol i get what you mean, however, if there's one game i would bet on being a hit before it releases its this one.

It is pretty funny though...

TheJacksonRGN1237d ago

Yeah, says so in the description. At least it isn't another pre-order bonus.