Upcoming Project CARS 1.4 patch promises improved console performance

VVV: "An Xbox One patch was recently released to address some of these issues, but an upcoming v1.4 patch has been detailed with additional fixes across all formats.

Console performance optimisation looks to be a key focus, as the patch notes detail a "5-6% performance improvement" on the Xbox One which results in an "overall smoother experience", whereas the PS4 version is getting rebuilt shaders which will give "significant performance boost in some areas."

Elsewhere, bugs relating to pit stops, tuning and setups have been fixed, along with improved wheel support and UI changes."

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Fil1011261d ago

Please fix the collision damage as somtimes clipping a wing or the slightest of knocks can end up with my car being on it's roof.

SirJoJo1261d ago

Should have just released the game when it was ready I say, patch this patch that.

Skate-AK1261d ago

They really couldn't afford another delay. Bandai Namco likely wouldn't have let them.

angelsx1261d ago

Too late.I sold the game a week ago.It's undrivable for me on ps4 controller

craig2web1261d ago

The default controller settings are seriously messed up. Luckily for me, I saw LittleByrdEee's review on Amazon which listed the correct controller settings. Made all the difference in the world.

Maddens Raiders1261d ago

Wow really? I play PC on a PS4 controller with no problems at all whilst broadcasting. User input? People really need to realize before buying this "game" that it is a Sim and not Burnout or NFS. You need to have a wee bit more than a cursory overview of what makes a car stop and go. Otherwise the "game" will feel underivable to you. Do some research before investing next time is my best advice to you.

weirdo1261d ago

too late also, sold my ps4 copy last week. a shambles of a game.

Maddens Raiders1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"a shambles of a game.." lol I strongly disagree. Done of you clearly were in over your heads. Some of you need to learn how to tinker and figure things out on your own instead of complaining and whining all the time. It's auto racing... you're never done tuning!

urwifeminder1261d ago

Really enjoying it but I am on the pc version exterior replays seem to be my biggest issue it stutters like hell in certain sections but not when you play its smooth 60 fps.

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