Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Dead Space

At E3 this year Microsoft choose to show-off its upcoming Sci-Fi Survival Horror game, Dead Space, with a previously unseen area and Boss Battle. Expectations have been gathering and hopes are now firmly high that Dead Space will fill the gap until Resident Evil 5, and Electronic Theatre's own impression of the game in its current state is available for you right here.
The build playable at E3 apparently comes in roughly half-way through the game. Playing as Isaac Clarke, the player finds themselves trapped aboard a city-sized space craft known as the Ishimura. At this point, Isaac finds the Hydroponic Deck, on which the food for the now somewhat deformed crew is grown. Many areas have been infected by the Corruption, a liquid secreted by the Necromorph aliens that have invaded the ship. The Corruption's only negative effect currently is limiting Isaac's ability to run. The atmosphere here has been altered by Poison Pods – former crew members who have been mutated by the Necromorphs. The player is tasked with finding this Poison Pods, and disposing of them...

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There's quite a lot here i didn't know but why's it on 360 and not the PS3 version?