Xbox One Vs PS4 E3 2015: Console Wars? Consoles Bore With Stale Lineups

This year's E3 lineup doesn't inspire much hope for gamers looking to see new ideas and innovation.

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DarkOcelet1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Right now, we cant exactly say what will be at E3. There will be surprises from both parties for sure.

How can you say that the PS4 will have a stale lineup when Level 5 next JRPG, Persona V, Star Ocean 5 on that console?

Maybe for people who care about mainstream games like COD,AC wont care about that but people who love JRPG games to death like myself, this is really Super Mega Huge!

All i want is more JRPG games.

digim01260d ago

JRPGs, while generally pretty cool, have limited appeal in North America and Europe. Sony definitely does a better job than MS courting those publishers, but on the whole the lineups at E3 contain a lot of stuff we've seen before.

DarkOcelet1260d ago

I understand, but E3 is also a chance to show off the Japanese games. Those are the games which made me start games in general and made me fall in love with them so they might not be huge for some but for me. Those games are extremely huge for me.

Kingthrash3601260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I'm expecting a lot of the same from ms and Sony tbh. Ms... Gears halo crackdown tomb raider forza... Sony uncharted ratchet persona sf5 rime hell blade. This goes in line with ms saying they will have first party games and Sony saying they will be lacking them. Both however will have exclusives wether third or first party. I also expect a surprise here and there from both... Or even all three consoles. Also I'll add I think a lot of people are confusing first party games with exclusives. Sony has plenty of exclusive games coming . They already released two of their major first party games. Ms however released nothing much so far and they will be released this holiday as far as first party goes they are releaseing two. Same as ps. as far as stale goes it's just not much has been "leaked" yet. Hopefully they won't be much leaked this year.. It really makes thing stale like last year most the stuff we saw was already leaked and known months prior... But none of us can see the future .... Whatever e3 has in store is a mystery and it's far too soon to say it's stale.

Gority1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Easy to say, pre-E3, but obviously you don't know what will be announced at E3.

Microsoft also has Scalebound, which is a new (previously announced) IP. Then Rare has at least one if not two games they are showing, potentially a new IP. They also have Quantum Break which is a new (previously announced) IP.

Sony has plenty of studios with unannounced titles including Guerilla, SSM, Bend, London, Media Molecule, and Quantic Dream (who has never made a sequel). Plus whatever Sony Japan is working on.

If there aren't new IPs announced by (some of) these studios then I'd tend to agree with you, but this is jumping the gun.

Moldiver1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

"Ms however released nothing much so far and they will be released this holiday as far as first party goes they are releaseing two."

You say that like the average gamer is going to be focusing on who is publishing what as opposed to what they cant play on one console vs the other. The reality is they are more likely going for the latter as that is whats real, so to speak. Mass market gamers dont make a cosnole purchase on what they hope will come to one console or another. They do a small bit of research into the current catalogue and the coming soon section on amazon..and then head straight for the bundles. Cant speak or speculate on a PS4 version of a game that doesnt exist on PS4. And vice versa. Either way there is only one console that is you can play neverwinter, smite, elite dangerous, gigantic, tombraider, halo 5 and forza 6. oh, and KI season 3 will keep a good thing going...Oh and then there is that joe montana game...its going to be a big deal if it has an NFL license. because its essentially going to be NFL2K. We know it exists. We know its windows/xbox exclusive. That NFL licence will be the icing on a killer cake, especially in the US.

It doesnt matter that only three of them are first party ( you said two first party, but actually halo, FM6 and fable legends makes that THREE first party MS published titles..add to that, ori, nero and screamride...that makes five. Joe montana would make it six). It matters that there is only one console you can play them on. Same way how you will only be able to play the new JRPGs on PS4. sure there will be no PC versions of that game. But generally we know that console gamers dont exactly flock to building PC gaming rigs with $400 in their pocket. So those games do matter as well, imo. Where else are you going to play neverwinter, smite, elite dangerous or gigantic? I have played smite and elite on PC, and I already know xbox owners are going to lap those games up like they did neverwinter. I knew neverwinter would be a great fit on xbox when I played it on my PC last year. if you dont own a half descent rig, and want to play those games. your only option is an xbox.

E3 is only 14 days away. I think MS are going to impress. Im not saying they are suddenly going to outsell sony...simply that x1 owners are not going to be complaining this year or next year, based on what we know so far. We know whats coming out on X1 this year is good. it has been so far as well, imo. I got mine at Xmas so I had lots to play. I started the year with halo:MCC, SSOD, FM5, FH2 and titanfall. thats five great AA exlusives within days of getting my x1 at Xmas. By the time ori had released I still had not yet played SSOD, or even started halo 3 let alone 4 on MCC. and then neverwinter happened. Any new comer to xbox is going to get overwhelmed by that lot. And thats before, smite, gigantic, elite:dangerous fable legends and gears of war remaster comes along in the summer. for somebody that hasnt bought an X1 they have all of that to play. plus any third party AA game worth mentioning. its been great having this console under my TV. And we still have quantum break, scalebound, phantom dust, crackdown, gears 4 and whatever rare, twisted pixel and there other teams are working on.Thats at least six confirmed AAA first party titles for 2016. Below, inside and cuphead could release on either side of the new year. We simply dont know enough but there will be more of those shown at E32015 for sure, leading the [email protected] titles coming out this year and next.And this year has been good, even if the first half of the year has been quite for AAA. Neverwinter and ori are my most played games by far this year..And ill be playing elite, smite and gigantic in a few months. I just downloaded ODST yesterday so im not short of things to play on X1 until winter. And the winter big hitters will keep me going until the 2016 games show up in 2016.

Palitera1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

"Whatever E3 has in store is a mystery and it's far too soon to say it's stale"

It's the only part I disagree with your comment. Agreed overall.

This far, the only debate can be about HOW stale is the industry, specially for big console games, not IF it staled.

I can sum my opinion this way: I bet more than half of Sony's conference (the one that mostly matters to me) will be about games that already took space in E3 conferences and won't be releasing this year. Rerererererehyping the same games.

As for Bethesda, the reason for their conference is The Elder Scrolls Online, which will occupy at least 1/3 of it.

All in.


"Sony has plenty of studios with unannounced titles including Guerilla, SSM, Bend, London, Media Molecule, and Quantic Dream (who has never made a sequel). Plus whatever Sony Japan is working on. "

It doesn't mean they will announce anything. Some big studios are making trash games (aka F2P) and others simply don't bother to tell anything. The same argument for these companies was made last year and then what?

You know the answer.

rainslacker1260d ago


You seem to say a lot, first stating that gamers don't spend a lot of time comparing line ups because they don't care who publishes, then concluding that Xbox will come out ahead because they have more games that you can only play on Xbox, which is untrue and is purely subjective.

I do agree that people don't care who publishes within the mainstream.

Here's the truth. The average gamer you speak of, mainstream being a better term, looks to get Madden, COD, AC, or some other big title which could sometimes be 1st party, like Halo. They don't look at line ups unless they are moderate or hardcore gamers. Sometimes they may have a couple games they want to get, but the same rules apply.

If they do do research on those singular games, and those games are multi-plat, the common internet consensus is that they play better and look better on the PS4. Even in stores, and the general talk among friends on the street, is that the PS4 is just the way to go. That is why quantity is rather irrelevant, unless that quantity happens to be exclusive to a singular platform.

The idea behind these exclusives, 1st party or otherwise, is that the titles are appealing enough to draw the interest of the consumer, so they buy the game and the system. The smaller ones are to support people who already have the console, and to make money off them.

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nucky641260d ago

if UC4, no mans sky, last guardian, hot shots golf and GG new game is at E3, I'd be very pleased...................AND, if...and I mean could bring miyazaki up on stage for some surprise announcement.....I'd go nuts!!!!

ABizzel11260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It's now time for me to leave n4g until E3 week, the insane amount of stupid, pointless, and flatout useless pre-E3 blooger post complaining about what's not here yet, or things at E3 are dull are getting out of control.

STFU and wait for E3, then let your petty rants run wild if the show doesn't provide you with anything.

Even worse this article does absolutely bare minimal research among both console for line-ups.

Sony: Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, No Man's Sky, Persona 5, Street Fighter 5, Rime, Tearaway, and Hellblade all known games coming for the PS4, and only 3 of those are from 1st / 2nd party, and 5 of those are new IP's. It also means Sony's other 18 studios (counting studios with more than 1 dev team) all have IPs we know nothing about outside of Horizon from Guerrilla Games.

MS: Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Gears of War Remaster, Fable Legend, Crackdown, Scalebound, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, and Forza 6 are all the games we know. 7 of those games are from 1st / 2nd party which means MS has less exclusive dev muscle to flex for potential big E3 reveals, but they still have 5 other devs making potential XBO games, We know Lionhead has a new IP in the making, and Mojanj could be dropping Minecraft 2 (but a huge expansion is more likely).

Regardless this is still a great showing for MS and Xbox fans, and while I agree there's nothing really new to pull it new users, it's everything they need to pull in those 360 fans who still don't have an XBO with the addition of a permanent $299 price drop. The 360 had +80m users the XBO is at 13m, how on earth did you get most xbox gamers have an XBO by now. Even if you count multiconsole buyers, there's still the fact that there are over 50m XBL Gold subscribers which means there's still 37m 360 users waiting to buy an XBO. Odds are if you love Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza you still don't have an Xbox One. MS is simply trying to keep the fans they have, by getting those 360 fans to stay with Xbox and not switch to PS4, by offering all their biggest exclusives ASAP, and the following year offering some new IPs and potential 3rd party exclusive deals / content.

Both consoles have good line-ups already heading into E3. MS has all their big AAA franchises and some good looking indies like Cuphead, Below, and Inside. Meanwhile Sony has only a couple of AAA games revealed, a good amount of AAA indie (the new creative genre for new IPs IMO), and a ton of indies. E3 should balance these lineups out, with Sony dropping big AAA games, and Morpheus games, and MS dropping some smaller exclusives and potentially HoloLens stuff since they have a large amount of studios working on content for it.

In less than 2 weeks you will know 90% of everything releasing for 2015 and early 2016. Nag after E3 is over.

TheCommentator1260d ago

You just saved me a ton of typing, as both companies will have things we can't predict at the show. Well Said!

rainslacker1260d ago

No reason to leave, just don't bother with these articles.

But yeah, there's going to be a lot of these rumor and teaser type articles over the next couple weeks.

ABizzel11259d ago


I just can't pass them up for some reason. It's like walking by someone who's flaout wrong and stupidly arguing their point, even through it's wrong. I just can't bring myself to not correct the ignorance before it spreads.

rainslacker1259d ago

Yeah, I understand. They have their draw not unlike a wreck on the highway. People do love a good train wreck, which is one reason the press is in the state it's in today.

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700p1260d ago

I never see anyone really excited for jrpgs at all. Just you tbh.

Ravenheartzero1260d ago

What you expect the millions of fans worldwide to grace this website to comment? Sigh. I'm a huge jrpg fan,have been for 17 years, Final fantasy 9 being my favourite. Hoping for ni no kuni 2 or Dark cloud 3 announcement or more footage of FF15 be great.

DarkOcelet1260d ago

I love them. Thats all i can say.

remixx1161260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Well you don't see them because they aren't petty mainstream only gamers that lap up the dlc and bitch about aim assist and other bs gaming mechanics....

OK I'll tone it down, but yes I love jrpgs, it is an extremely fun genre that gamers like you push off because it isn't mainstream or doesn't appeal to the masses.

Everytime I bring up jrpgs I hear crap like "its niche so its not gonna sell well" or "its not gonna have mass appeal so who cares" really???!

I don't play sales, I play great games...only idiots play games for their "mass appeal"

Persona 4
Ni No Kuni
Dark cloud 2

Some of the greatest games of all time.

MasterCornholio1260d ago

Not PlayStation gamers which is why the system is getting so many JRPGs. But you wouldn't know that since you dont own one. As a PS4 I see people in my friends list play JRPGs and I watch tons of streams of people playing them on Twitch.

Eiyuuou1260d ago

I am too. I just don't comment as much.

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Kingthrash3601260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

@ mole 1.3
Lol I don't know how you got all that out of what I said but whatever man. I said nothing negative about any console or nothing.
But you know what really grinds my gears? Why do people treat ki dlc like its a new game? I always see ki season 2 now it's ki season 3 ... It's a launch game who waited to buy a Xbox for ki season 3? I mean man it's funny. Drive club has consistent dlc and its a newer game and the dlc is free nobody lists dc like its a new game about to come out.. They haven't even released the ps+ I'm not trolling it's just funny.
All in all that wall of a reply wasn't warranted all I stated was the current state of this generations consoles in 2015

Moldiver1260d ago

"All in all that wall of a reply wasn't warranted all I stated was the current state of this generations consoles in 2015"

To be honest it wasnt all aimed at you. Just the first paragraph. The rest was my response to the article itself, so relax. I only have two bubble so I gotta get my moneys worth, lol! I would post smaller posts if I had more bubbles.

But I stand by my post. I am happy with the console. I like the games I have on it. Im playing BF and halo with my old X360 friends again and there is so much good coming on the horizon for the X1 as mentioned in my previous post. I just think the author missed all of that when he wrote the article. So I responded. two birds one stone. and I only have two, remember.

"Why do people treat ki dlc like its a new game? I always see ki season 2 now it's ki season 3"

Reasonable question...With a new season comes other gameplay tweaks. sure its no sequel, but a continuation, sort of like SF4 to SF4s later editions. Its not a sequel (nor does it need one anytime soon) But its still worth talking about. I think its the method in which this game is sold that causes a little confusion here. I play KI, right? I have season 1 and 2. they are one and the same game but I still find myself referring to it as "season one and two". Never as KI in a whole game..even though it is..its weird I know. xbox gamers will know what im talking about but I get how it looks if you dont play KI or own an Xbox. It still looks like one game. And it is..but its almost..'episodic', for lack of a better word.And it has some serious legs on it. I will be playing this a year from now. Its that good., imo. a proper fighting game. so 8 new characters and 8 new arenas and tweaks is a fair bit to look forward to, if you are a fan of a fighting game. sure its DLC, I'll agree. No arguments there. But its still a talking point for what is the most popular fighting game on Xbox. and that means something if you own or are thinking of getting an xbox. A good, quality fighting game that is heavily supported by it's parent company? thats a good thing.

Kingthrash3601260d ago

Ok I get you and I don't have an Xbox....when I do get one though ki will be downloaded. Thanks for clearing that up though. It's always been a head scratcher

Clunkyd1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )



Kingdomcome2471260d ago

I could see the JRPGs that Sony have in the pipeline getting considerably more shine at TGS.

jrshankill1259d ago


"Right now, we cant exactly say what will be at E3."

Then goes on to say...

"How can you say that the PS4 will have a stale lineup when Level 5 next JRPG, Persona V, Star Ocean 5 on that console?


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Rimeskeem1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

What's making me watch E3:

Halo 5
Gears 4
Crackdown 3
Uncharted 4
Uncharted collection
God of War 4
TLG (a man can dream)
Persona 5
Metroid (a man can dream)
Just Cause 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

iSuperSaiyanGod1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Same lol . Also want news about Kingdom heart 3 , hopefully a Halo console too or Star Wars system (ps4) on the starwars , uncharted collection , Arkham collection. Ect hopefully some wii u news. Game cube remasters, & Pokemon news . Some other stuff I'm hoping for , can't be too in realistic though lol . Oh & animal crossing wii u

LifeInNZ1260d ago

Although Im looking forward to all the news at E3 I am getting a little tired of remasters and sequels. I appreciate there are risks with developing new franchises but I have yet to see and play anything groundbreaking this gen yet.

zeuanimals1260d ago

It's possible for sequels to be groundbreaking. The jump between MGS1 and MGS2, GTAII to GTAIII, etc. were huge. The bigger issue is not sequelitis, it's the lack of new things to do and it's hard to discover new things. It's like finding a new continent on earth, you can't because they've all been discovered.

Not saying that's happened to gaming, but a lot of pioneering ideas have been made which really limits what new things can be thought up. It's always gonna be possible to find something new to make but it's gonna be a lot harder to make it as big a jump as MGS2 and GTAIII. Diminishing returns are real and they suck.

Pennywise1381260d ago

While I'm excited for some of those games you just listed they are all sequals and reboots. The subject of the article is NEW ideas and innovations. I still have high hopes that VR will be that innovation.

Rimeskeem1260d ago

Horizon and TLG are not reboots or sequels.... but i see your point

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Rookie_Monster1260d ago

What bore lineup? Halo 5, Forza 6, Tomb Raider, Gears HD, Fable Legends, Killer Instinct Season 3, and new games from rare makes XB1 lineup as strong as ever for the remainder of 2015. Maybe on other consoles due to lack of AAA exclusives and delays but XB1 gamers should enjoy this year.

MasterCornholio1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Lack of AAA exclusives this year?

Which system are you talking about? I dont know about the Wii U but I do know that Bloodborne on the PS4 is a AAA exclusive. After that we have Until Dawn.

04STIBluByU1260d ago

I think GOW 3 is out before Until Dawn...I know its a remaster but its still AAA

MasterCornholio1260d ago


Well I consider remsasters games as well because I bought and played plenty of them on my PS4.

Well yeah that would be another AAA title right before the holidays.

strickers1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

The report said stale. That line up you listed fits the definition. Same old stuff.

Majin-vegeta1260d ago

Wait so now DLC counts as AAA??In that case we can count BB DLC AAA content.

Spotie1260d ago

They'll enjoy the holidays, anyway. But if you're talking AAA exclusives this year, had the XB1 even had any yet?

magiciandude1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

This year is equally average for both consoles on the front of exclusives. Can't lie about that. Both MS and Sony can do better, and have done better during this period last gen.

BiggerBoss1260d ago

I dont understand this delusion. The Xbox One has not had a single AAA exclusive so far this year, while the Ps4 has had the Order, Bloodborne, and MLB. Yet SOMEHOW, the ps4 is "lacking exclusives"

lemoncake1260d ago

Throw until dawn in there and that's sonys entire AAA lineup for 2015, 2 QTE heavy games, a baseball game and a great but niche game. Yeah it obvious Ps4 is lacking big AAA exclusives again this year, lots of indie filler though.

Phill-Spencer1260d ago

Yeah xbox 1s lineup is waaaay better. Sooo much more and sooo much better games. Ms are really delivering games throughout the whole year..........oh wait!!!!!

rainslacker1260d ago

Funny how comments such as yours never have an list of the games on the other console, and if they do happen to have the list, that list is incomplete, or has different criteria to make it fit arguments such as yours.

Why not provide an accurate list of both consoles, then explain to everyone how MS's offering of games isn't sparse when it's smaller than the other consoles list? To make it easy on you, listwar has done all the work. You can set up the information however you want, but no matter how you spin it, MS has fewer games releasing this year than the other console.

It's cool your excited for MS lineup, I am too to be honest. But I'm also excited for the other console's presentation, and don't think either of them is lacking.

emilijo7771259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

so now we count free-to-play games (fable legends), unannounced games (gears hd, rare new games), expansion (Killer Instinct Season 3)?

and i hope xbox one will have at least good holidays. first 9 months are catastrophic without single AAA exclusive

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Haru1260d ago

This guy must be a secret double agent who works for Sony and Microsoft in secret since he already knows which games both companies are going to announce /s

N0TaB0T1260d ago

Must be psychic because these companies have announced every damn thing even what can only be shown at E3 right? Wow who knew gaming journalism was transcendent!

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