The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Swamp Thing Contract Guide

Today LzyGmrs brings you a guide to completing the Swamp Thing contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Everything you need to know to beat that pesky Foglet.

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Takwin1261d ago

You don't need a guide for any of the combat in the game. Playing on Blood and Broken Bones difficulty. Be within 2 levels, do your research, apply appropriate oils/potions/decoctions, buff weapons and armor 15%.

That is the baseline, and then just practice. You will see the pattern and the tells. This isn't Bloodborne, you can save every second of non-combat if you want.

Eidolon1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Saving makes it so much easier, even on Death March.

Axii & Quen are my main signs.. Puppet really helps with groups of enemies, and Quen for single-target fights. I don't really use oils/potions that much, just the Swallow potion, and a few decoctions that I find don't really help, but helps keeping toxicity>0 for the alchemy passive ability that slows down time for enemies counter-attacks. I mainly have trouble with high level groups in which Axii doesn't work, or enemies that can take a ton of hits and do tons of damage, ends up becoming a really long battle and eventually gets me killed.

Remember to match mutagens color to ability color for multiplied affects(of the mutagen), I'm sure everyone knows that right? Also I've noticed that after you unlock the highers tiers of abilities, which require certain amount of points spent in the category.. you can cleanse or "re-spec" with the tier still unlocked.. meaning you might be able to save a few ability points if you spent on some skills just to fill the category.

Irishguy951261d ago

You should invests in oils and potions there for the ones you have trouble with. Group fights -> Bombs, Fire. Stream of fire sets alot of things into a burning/stunned state.

Eidolon1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Oh yeah, I make any recipe that is available and use them when I have trouble, but that's not too often. I have like 7 unspent points at level 12.. Axii/Quen has taking care of most enemies, and I only plot one sign on my active ability tree since but don't find myself needing to switch between signs as it usually makes it worse for me. I know that all signs useful, but none of their secondary or improved properties are enticing enough.

HaveAsandwich1261d ago

yes, and don't forget to combine lesser mutagens to make stronger mutagens with alchemy.

Eidolon1261d ago

Yup yup, I am/was hoping there is something even greater than Greater mutagens and runestones, like one you'd have to fight a rare monster for.

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