It’s 2015 & Skyrim is Still King of the RPGs

A completely subjective opinion on Skyrim’s definitive position as the perfect RPG.

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gillri2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

It was phenomenal but I should have waited 6 months or so before I played it because the quest bugs and glitches really tarnished my experience of the game but it still maDe my top 10 of the generation, which is why I'm waiting til Christmas for TW3...well that and I don't want to spend 100+ hours sitting indoors during summertime!

Can you count Mass Effect 2 as an RPG? If so thats my favourite game of the last gen

Ezz20132808d ago

Fallout 3/NV
Dragon dogma
and now Witcher 3

are the top RPGs for me

breakpad2808d ago

Skyrim is very cheaply made ...far from best RPG title ..Dragons Dogma trashes Skyrim with ease

Ezz20132808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )


I still think Dragon Dogma offer the best combat when it comes to RPG games
it just too much fun
and the monsters are incredible in that game and the way you fight them is pretty fun

Very underrated game

Revolver_X_2808d ago

Dragons Dogma is definitive RPG of last gen to me. A lot of end-game content. Wither 3 so far is phenomenal and I'm 40 hours in.

Unspoken2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

DragonDogma was poorly made. Alot of potential but no where near Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, Skyrim, Witcher, Oblivion, Elder Scrolls, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Xenogears, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Demon get the picture. I mean it's a Capcom game, what is there to expect?

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Hereiamhereibe22808d ago

Thats too bad, Ive played many a Bethesda title before Skyrim so i mostly knew what to avoid to avoid breaking the game or exposing myself to the glitches and bugs also the problems were very heavily outweighed by the shear amazingness that was Skyrim. I honestly dont see how any game can stack up to skyrim (especially on PC) that game is just phenomenal although i do prefer Oblivion.

DarkOcelet2808d ago

Fallout 3 still takes the cake for me. An unrivaled RPG masterpiece.

Skyrim was great but i felt it was dumbed down from Oblivion.

scark922808d ago

I agree, Oblivion is my personal favorite! I do love the games though!

andrewer2808d ago

Which was dumbed down from Morrowind, best TES IMO.

Hereiamhereibe22808d ago

Tried so hard to get into Morrowind but i just could not. Im not really a fan of elves and elvish things, i certainly prefer the more western styles of oblivion/skyrim. To many pointy things i guess. But omg there was like a million different weapon types in Morrowind what happened to Halberds :(

TheFirstClassic2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Morrowind with the graphics overhaul is awesome.

InTheLab2808d ago


Grab a basket.
place over merchants head
steal everything not glued down
remove basket from merchant's head
steal basket and go to jail....

Add that to the fact that you can max out all skill trees in a few hours. The menus are all screwed up. Magic is beyond pointless and doesn't scale properly. Endless bugs and glitches
Broken on PS3 for a year

Please tell my how this game is perfect. The mods on pc are the only exceptional thung about it.

scark922808d ago

I think Western RPG should be in the title, just an opinion. They are quite different usually.

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