Braid, Puppeteer Come to PS Now Subscriptions in June

Posted by Jack Buser on Jun 01, 2015 // Senior Director, PlayStation Now:
With our June update, the PlayStation Now subscription library will reach more than 125 titles tomorrow — that’s a lot to choose from!

Read on below for the games coming this month, but first some news on how quickly PS Now is expanding to your favorite devices.

As of today, the PS Now subscription is live on PS4, PS3, and select Sony TVs and Blu-ray players, and extending to PS Vita and PS TV in the coming months. We’ve also expanded our Canadian support of PS Now, and you can now enjoy both the PS Now subscription and rentals on all of the same platforms that are currently available in the US.

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ninsigma1830d ago

The puppeteer is an incredible game. Highly recommend it to anyone.

StormLegend1830d ago

Agreed! I enjoyed getting it for free with PS+

TWB1830d ago

Agreed, its one of those games that I want to give my full attention to when playing... which is why I havent finished it quite yet. Last act to go.

Its so entertaining and interesting + pretty damn long.

IamTylerDurden11830d ago

Puppeteer is a great game from Japan Studios and Braid terrific from the mind behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Witness. Didn't realize Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is available that is a newer game from the Sniper Elite guys.

I will get ps now when it comes to Vita, but they do have a free trial.

captainexplosion1830d ago

I got a free trial of Now today. In my limited experience it works great. And it has been up on Vita for a while.

KryptoniteTail1830d ago

Braid sucks but Puppeteer seemed okay, just not for me.

pivotplease1830d ago

Braid's platforming is on the weak side but the concept was cool and the story is one of the best in gaming if you know what its really about (i.e. the making of the atomic bomb).

Skate-AK1830d ago

Forgot I bought Braid. Bought is close to a year ago and never played it.

greenmiker1830d ago

Not bad the new additions for June, specially puppeteer.

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