Techland insists Hellraid isn't cancelled

Dying Light developer Techland has assured Eurogamer that the dark fantasy action game Hellraid has not been cancelled. Development has been "frozen" but may be thawed as soon as third quarter this calendar year.

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Kavorklestein2849d ago

Thank god. This game has been on my radar since the moment it was revealed.
I wanna kill some evil, gnarly foes with friends, skyrim style!

NerveGearneeded2849d ago

i hope its better than skyrim combat though.

Kavorklestein2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I'm pretty sure it will be... I was mainly meaning the magic, melee and such reminding me of a hardcore epic skyrim

ZaWarudo2849d ago

Yeah i don't know where people was hearing cancelled from, they already told us back that development has been stalled.

Jalva2849d ago

That's what most developers say about their games before they cancel them... it's called damage control.

xTheMercenary_2849d ago

It was never said that this game was cancelled, all they said is that they had put the game on hold and went back to the drawing board or something like that.

KosherNostra2849d ago

Guys, c'mon. Think about what you know about developers. They're not going to admit a game is cancelled just in case they want to return to it later, and they don't want to piss of their base. As of now, not ONE SINGLE PERSON is working on this game, so what does that tell you? You will never see this game, for better or worse.

RondoMachete2849d ago

Ive wanted to get my hands on this for about two years and hearing the news last week that I may never play it was gutting,thank god it's now only on hold. I agree with the fact that Techland want to put all their resources behind Dying Light,it's a great game. I just hope that once we get Hellraid that they put everything behind that also.

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