Nintendo Doesn't Have An Amiibo Problem, But It Doesn't Mind That You Do


Ask any Amiibo collector (or former enthusiast) and you'll likely hear the same things. They'll tell you that the process for pre-ordering and acquiring new releases is broken. Nintendo isn't producing enough to fill the supply chain. Things need to get better.

As a consumer, I wholeheartedly agree. I've almost stopped collecting them. I couldn't help but pick up the lone Girl Inkling Amiibo that was available alongside my Splatoon purchase. I did turn down Pac-Man, though.

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CyberSentinel1262d ago

Why make games, when you can sell cheap dolls.

BVFTW1262d ago

To advertise those cheap dolls? We have Activion (Skylanders) to thanks for coming up with something more sinester than DLC, keep up the good work Bobby (Kotick)!