Wii U Ethernet LAN Adapters and other accessories heavily discounted

New Wii U accessory deals include Wii U Ethernet LAN Adapters for as low as $10.95, Wii U GamePad Stand/Cradle Set at $7.54, Wii U Fit Meter at $9.48 and more.

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Kalebninja1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I hate that the Wii u needs a lan adapter, speak about outdated.

superchiller1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

It shows how many corners Nintendo cut on the base Wii U console, to keep their costs to a bare minimum and to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad gimmick. It probably would have cost them less than $5 to include an ethernet port, but they cheaped out and left it out, like so many other commonly-expected features in consoles these days.

In fact, they clearly intended to increase their profits by overcharging for a simple cable adapter that probably costs 50 cents to make; that same adapter is "on sale" for $11, and normally costs over $20 new ($25 direct from Nintendo, lol)? What a ripoff.

The Wii U is really a bare-bones, feature-lacking system, considering how much money they are asking for it. Shame they cut so many corners on it, but in the end they have only themselves to blame for its dismal situation today.

RSKnight1235d ago

And you know what grinds my gears the most? when Nintendo loyalists claim that the Wii U is the cheapest console saying that XB1 and PS4 are for the "elitists". But they don't take into account that if you add the cost of all the external accesories (like HDD, adapters, etc) the Wii U is the most expensive by a lot, and at the same time is a terribly underpowered console, not to metion the lack of 3rd party games.

Nodoze1235d ago

While I cannot defend the decision to omit an Ethernet port, all 3 companies nickel and dime.

I mean it is 2015 and the Xbox one controller does not contain rechargeable batteries!?

At least the gamepad can bdp recharged. :)

Dubaman1235d ago


An old comment but relevant to your comment:

You shouldn't have to buy a hard drive and you don't have to. Most downloadable games are only a couple hundred meg and i doubt any family or dedicated gamer, would choose downloading retail games over the physical copy. Especially when the price is usually in favour of the physical copy to begin with.

If you do go down the download only route though then of course you're going to need to buy a hard drive, regardless if you're playing on a WiiU, PS4 or XOne. You really think a 500GB hard drive is going to be enough for a gamer using a PS4 or Xone and is going down the download only route? No..its not. People are already complaining about lack of space on those systems and are being forced to replace them 1TB HHDs. Which will soon become full again.

Fact is, the downloading of Nintendo retail games are minuscule when compared to PS4 or Xones; ignoring the fact you also need to install actual physical discs to the hard drive BEFORE you can actually play them. The Wind Waker HD takes up around 1.7GB as a download...that's it.

I have a 320GB usb HDD i got for about £25 a few years back. Using a Y-Bus it works perfectly and stores everything i need while leaving my system memory for storing updates, patches, etc. All said, i have around 60 games on my WiiU and about 80% free space on both of my system HDD and USB HDD. How many PS4 or XOne users can say the same thing without having to have spent a fortune on high capacity HDD's.

So basically, you get a £99-£150 WiiU, a 500GB USB HDD at a push for about £40, and games start from about £7 on Amazon Shop around and you'll be amazed.

So i have more games than any PS4 or XOne owner has. I have less HDD space than any PS4 or XOne has (320 + 32), yet i also have more free HDD space than any PS4 or XOne owner has. The big difference is im not even thinking about replacing my HDD any time soon. Though if i need to i also have an 1TB USB HDD i use for backups on my PC.

So....what's making the WiiU an unattractive product again?
Seems likes its misinformed people to me.

Also, go to Decal Girl and get whatever design you want. I've used them a few times and my WiiU sit's proudly in red with Bender's face glaring back at me.

Dubaman1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

To talk about your 'underpowered console' comment - Did that stop the PS2 when it went against the Gamecube, XBOX and Dreamcast? What about PS1, did the specs matter when it was going against the N64 and Saturn? How about the Wii, that bombed right? How about the X360 which was under powered compared to the PS3 but the library of games which were released on both platforms run better on X360 than on the PS3. Only since this gen has the highest specs mattered and i think that's a sad sign for console gaming.
TBF though, out of the Big 3, Nintendo are the only ones out there who are actually making their own games and they do it without going through the usual - "day one patch, need update to fix bugs, cant save game, game crashes, game breaking bugs, on disc content locked behind pay walls, etc'.
Yeah, Nintendo make some dumb decisions and are a little behind of the times when it comes to online but they are catching up and in some cases, bettering the competition. Splatoon just launched and i havent experienced any issues online bar from 2 occasions when i got disconnected. That right there is a rarity in modern gaming, especially online gaming.
People rag on Nintendo all the time, sometimes for good reason but more than usual its just pointless hate because 'its cool'. Personally i think its pathetic so many people care so deeply for what are effectively toy manufacturers. It wasn't like this with Waddingtons and Parker Brothers. Maybe it's because people have to try and justify their purchase and console of choice so they attack what they don't own, know about or have any experience of. I mean, times are hard so maybe thats why its gotten so vile and disgusting in the gaming "community" these last few years. Its fanboys who are responsible for things like swatting and at the end of the day, regardless of everything; Nintendo are the only company out there who still focusses on making games which are fun. Thats what games are for at the end of the day. I mean, whats the point in having a load of power and using it to create a linear corridor shooter with the innovative "hold and rotate pointless item - ooooo look, some illegible text in the back' feature. (The Order by-the-by)

Plus, i have a gaming PC and nothing out there can convince me to spend £300 on a PS4 or XOne.

RSKnight1235d ago


Your arguments to defend the Wii U (and justify your lousy purchase) fool no one.

1. "Most downloadable games are only a couple hundred meg..." Yeah, and most are Virtual Console games, do you really think you can compare those games to, I don't know, GTA 5 or Witcher 3 for example? Apples to oranges.

2. "You really think a 500GB hard drive is going to be enough for a gamer using a PS4 or Xone..." Of course not! That's why these consoles will keep getting bigger drives over the years, but then according to your logic, since it won't be enough, it's better to not have any?

3. "Fact is, the downloading of Nintendo retail games are minuscule when compared to PS4 or Xones." Yes, again, apple to oranges. Are you really that dense?

4. "I have a 320GB usb HDD....i have around 60 games on my WiiU". Same as points 1 and 3.

5. "So....what's making the WiiU an unattractive product again?" I don't know, maybe that it would have been cool of it was released 10 years earlier?

6. "Also, go to Decal Girl and get..." What the hell?

7. "To talk about your 'underpowered console' comment - Did that stop the PS2 when..." Ohh come on! You know the power difference was very small on all those examples you mention, especially the 360 vs PS3, not a full gen behind. And you know that most people who bought the Wii forgot about it early on and then got a 360/PS3 to do their actual gaming, as you can tell by the software to hardware sales ratio. The Wii was a fad, don't fool your self.

8. "...Nintendo are the only ones out there... do it without going through the usual day one patch, need update to fix bugs..." TBF I don't know on the Wii U, but on the Wii I had game breaking bugs in Metroid other M and Skyward Sword (there was even a patch). Also on Wii U there are the famous Amiibos, that unlock on disc game content, seems that it's OK when Nintendo does it, right?

I'm mostly a PC gamer too, but I won't support a company like Nintendo that now goes backwards and manages to do the unthinkable and get almost all things wrong about gaming. And I grew up loving Nintendo since the NES.

Dubaman1234d ago

Im very happy with my purchase. Thanks for being concerned though :)
1- I wasn't comparing them GTA 5 or The Witcher 3. Those are retail games and not download only games, i.e. VC or eshop. I was merely stating that most games on the eshop or virtual console are of small size so why would you need a huge HDD? Also, i believe that GTA 5 or The Witcher 3 still need to installed to a hard drive regardless of whether you have the disc or digital download so you'll need an extra hard drive anyway with e PS4 or XOne, i dont with the WiiU. Which counters your argument of the 'WiiU being the most expensive of the lot'
2- I dont know how you reached that conclusion or "logic". Though to your point, yes HDD in consoles will get higher capacities. My problem with it is when a company FORCES you to install retail disc games to your CONSOLE (ya know, like a PC from 1999), with games like GTAV and The Witcher 3 coming in at around 50GB each, then they only give you a 500GB Hard drive. So you can install about 10-20 games on your console before you have to delete files or upgrade your HDD. My logic is saying, if games are so big why did Sony and Microsoft only give the players half a terabyte of storage and FORCE you to install a DISC on to your CONSOLE? A 1TB HDD costs around £40 and probably cheaper if you go for the slower 5400rpm HDD (which is the speed of the PS4's HDD), why did they cheap out when they knew the players would HAVE to replace it at some point? These are tech companies too so its not like it would have been hard for them to source bigger and faster drives.
On the power comment though, how about the fact that the most powerful machine of each and every gen NEVER won the "console war" of its generation. The PS2, when compared to the Gamecube and Xbox was probably comparable to the WiiU and the XOne and PS4. For example, Wind Waker arrived on Gamecube it was a huge open world, beautiful art style and filled with a great adventure with many characters to meet and places to explore. 2 YEARS LATER the Shadow of the Colossus was released on PS2 and looked like a dogs dinner in comparison, ran at a framerate of about 20fps at best and the world was completely barren, with nothing to do or explore. Its still revered as a masterpiece.
Though i ask again, whats the point in having all that power when you dont do anything with it?

So 2 patched bugs from last gen? Anything else?
How many games would there be on that list from another developer or publisher? How many games this generation have come out but required constant patching and fixes in order to make it the game actually playable? Games like GTAV, Witcher 3, DriveClub, Assassins Creed, Battlefield 4, Halo and many many others. Meanwhile, Nintendo with its free online play have served up Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros and Splatoon in recent times with damn fine online with very minimal lag. At least i dont have to pay for Xbox Live or PSN to play my games or better yet, get locked out of my game because i need to connect to the internet before i can even play the single player mode - which is just DRM thats there to dick the player and protect the corporation.
Nintendo are The the only ones out there who are still making a games CONSOLE instead of just a dumb-downed PC. I dont need a PC, neither do you as you said. Though i must ask, as a PC gamer, why would you choose an XOne or PS4 over a WiiU when you have a gaming PC?

If you dont mind would you please focus and elaborate on this: "but I won't support a company like Nintendo that now goes backwards and manages to do the unthinkable and get almost all things wrong about gaming"
Really though - "almost all things wrong about gaming"?

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WizzroSupreme1235d ago

Well, that's just dandy. A good deal, methinks.

FallenAngel19841235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Xbox and PlayStation had built-in Ethernet ports since 2001 and 2004 respectively. There's no reason for Nintendo to be lacking such a basic feature especially when they actually advertise their online games work better with it.

Trolltroll1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

In contrast 360 did not have wifi conection and the wii did. Also my wii u did not require me to buy new controlers I get to use (looks at wii mote + nunchuck in hands)... never mind. I would agree that is mony grab (ethernet adapter) but they are only 5 bucks online or even better use the one from your wii because it is backwards compatible.
Did I just say backwards compatible...damn its as if nintendo is the only console conpany that lets me do any of that. How I would love to move my 360 and replace it with my One but I have to lug that big ass thing with me because I purchased so mutch dlc, arcade, controllers and now they are slowly becoming trash.

FallenAngel19841235d ago

Xbox 360 eventually had WiFi in a later models. I doubt Nintendo would redesign the Wii U to include such a basic feature. Its great you can save costs by using old controllers, but I still feel that the Gamepad hasn't lived up to its full potential. It doesn't seem like it'll be less impactful than Nintendo's past contributions to the evolution of the controller. Nintendo also needs to make accounts not tied to hardware because if your system breaks say goodbye to all digital content.

Trolltroll1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

True I feel that the game pad has not been used in new ways like the trident, cube and mote did. My point is companys gamble on features I dont think the ethernet is that bad of a cut...the missing integrated chat because they thought that wasnt nessary is bad. Getting to the net was never a problem wireless works fine. Adaptor obly necessary for super competive smashing.