Why You Should Play Games To Simply Enjoy Them

Fatal Hero: Those of us that are trying our hand at writing about video games are often considered to be overcritical at times. It's something that I can't unfortunately deny. Yeah, I look for things that could be better, get irritated with glitches and bugs and generally compare my expectations to reality. However, it just isn't us in the industry that do this anymore. Gamers in general have started to adopt this mentality in some ways as well.

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Articuno762302d ago

I have to emphathise with the sentiment here as someone who writes on videogames. I wish people (myself included) had less hangups on writing smart sounding critical mumbo-jumbo and actually enjoying the game.

For that reason I've made a habit of dedicating my weekends to playing games soley for my entertainment and my entertainment alone. With zero intention of getting an article out of them. The result? I enjoy myself more.