5 Games We Have A Love/Hate Relationship With

Gamepedia: I can assume that you love games if you are reading this. Great, so do I. But we all have those games that we look at with a side eye while we play them. We don't know what it is about the game, but there is something there that irks us, yet keeps us going. Below are a sampling of these games that we have a love/hate relationship with.

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Hoffmann1236d ago

Awww.. no mention of Outlander for SNES. Till today the best Mad Max game (while it does not have the MM license)

waltyftm1236d ago

I love Deadly premonition, but that bloody car engine noise drives me mental, you too huh Zach.

Donnywho1236d ago

I look a lot like York, and I have the exact same scar on the same side of my face, plus I'm crazy. Deadly Premonition messed my head up in the best way possible. I went to Swery's twitter page just now and I'm looking at myself drinking coffee...

ZaWarudo1236d ago

Deadly Premonition was a very interesting game but i just couldn't get through the horrible gameplay. Maybe i'll Youtube it someday.

Tex1171235d ago

Gawd yes, Deadly Premonition is awesome.

I can't say that the visual quality or any of that was on purpose, but it did fit with the overall feeling of the game.

Yes the game play is exceedingly weak, the map was hard to navigate (my biggest complaint about the game...traversing the world was just too much of a chore for me to do too many side quests), but the game is overflowing with soul and personality.

Story is excellent, best protagonist in a game in years, and overall, its just a slice into very much ONE man's vision. (not unlike Miyzaki's Souls games in terms of continuity of vision).