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Listen to Hirai chime in about that 10-year-life-cycle and keeping the last hardware generation alive, right after the jump!

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QueefyB3743d ago

i agree the xbox 1 was more advanced than the xbox 360

Montrealien3743d ago

Lame attempt at a joke, however it was more advanced then the PS2, yet lost to the PS2, makes you wonder no? What's more important? Hardware or Software? Oh yeah, nm, that argument was settled and buried years ago..

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3743d ago

SONY = This Is Living

Micro$oft = This Is DYING!!! ;-D

LoVeRSaMa3743d ago

He knows exactly where they are...

(in the bin ofc.)

littletad3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

"10 year product life cycles". Keeping the ps2 customers secluded from the ps3 customers will only hurt them in the future. Removing bc was perhaps the dumbest thing they ever did, only because they so adamantly stated they should and would keep it.

"Where's the Xbox? Where's the GameCube?"

Well the Wii is a Gamecube and 100% backward compatible. The 360 also has some bc with downloads as well. So yeah, the ps2 lives on with software, in the form of mainly sports games and multiplatform games. With a few notables like persona 3 and such. But I can't help but think the ps2 has been living on because of the Wii. Something to do with comparable graphics idk.

hay3743d ago

Dunno. I bought 40gb ps3 cause I already have PS2 and I play on it when want to play PS2 games. Had PSX and PS2, the same thing. Didn't play psx games on ps2. So I understand what he says. This is current gen, not past.

vasilisk3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Dude with 140 million PS2's out there, I think that there are very few people that play games that actually don't have a PS2.
I own a 60GB PS3. Once tried to play a PS2 game and that was it. I still have my PS2 so what's the point?
What Hirai says is for people that bought PS2 and don't have any plans or don't have the money to buy a next-gen console. For them Sony is there and still suports the PS2. Not anyone can afford or want to buy a new piece of hardware every 3-4 years. Imagine that you bought an Xbox during it's 3rd year of it's life cycle. Where was Microsoft for these people when they pulled the pug? They just stopped supporting it and that's it. The same goes for Gamecube. Up until now I haven't seen any MS or Nintendo representative saying that they would keep supporting their consoles for 10 years like Sony did. All I hear from MS is that it will have a longer life cycle than the original Xbox. As if it could be any shorter. And who says that if and when I decide to buy an Xbox 360, MS won't pull the plug in the next year? At least with Sony I don't have to worry about that...

beavis4play3743d ago

and i could have played it on my ps2 if i needed to.

thebudgetgamer3743d ago

the differens is that sony wants to make their fans happy and they know not everyone can afford a this gen console not like ms who says pony up the dough or step off

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Sez 3743d ago

probably with the BC for the ps3.

WeaseL3743d ago

Shane Kim has gone on record stating the 360 will sell more consoles this Gen than the PS3. So to do this they must be ready to release a next gen console before the end of 2009.

beavis4play3743d ago

the 360 will be obsolete long before the ps3 stops being sold. and once ms moves on; that doesn't mean the current gen is over, it just means that ms didn't build a console to hold up over the long haul.
the ps2 has sold millions since xbox 1 has died. and ps3 will do same when 360 is forced out.

avacadosnorkel3743d ago

I've been saying that for what seems like forever. I even remember reading in the Official Xbox magazine over a year ago that the next Halo game was being developed for the next Xbox already. Microsoft needs a new system because the sales are going down, the system is faulty and the cheaper they make it the more it hurts the company because they have to offer a warranty on it. The most logical step is to stick to Windows release schedules and force people to upgrade to a new console next winter and within that next year they stop making 360s and say it's because of overwhelming demand for the new system.

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