Sony ignored among 2006 Spike TV major awards winners

Spike TV has released the list of its 2006 Video Game Awards winners, expunging all temptation to tune into the televised presentation this coming Wednesday. While the results hold little standing in the industry, it's interesting to note that Sony has seemingly fallen out of popularity with Spike TV's award ceremony, perhaps implying a shift in popular brand.

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MicroGamer4422d ago

and Sony gets none. All you fanboys can cry now.

joemutt4422d ago

This poor kid was asked what he thought the game of the year should be and he said Oblivion, the crowd behind him was chanting "Gears of War, Gears of War"

The PS3 was nowhere to be seen except for FNR3, when will all this "potential" show up?

THAMMER14422d ago

I wish I could have seen it live.

NextGen24Gamer4422d ago

Gears of War and Oblivion cleaned house. WOW. Not that anyone should be surpised by this. Its good to see Nintendo Wii get a couple. Next gen is here...its now....and Sony is late to the party still. What excuses will sony fans come up with now? This should be entertaining to say the least.

1. You can't say developers didn't have enough time. The ps3 was announced shortly after the 360 was announced. They were suppose to launch a couple months apart initially.

2. The ps2 is selling still...sure...but it recieved nothing. No awards...Nada...

3. The Wii is just as new as the ps3 but still recieved 2 awards. Welcome to the next gen, Nintendo...

Who can't be amazed at MS and all the Fantasic content they have delievered in 2006? Honestly....You would have to be a hater to bash MS after sweeping this award show. Just like I said would happen a few months ago. Gears of War and Oblivion. The two biggest games of 2006. By the time Sony fans get oblivion....Fable 2 and Blue Dragon will be keeping us occupied. Thanks Microsoft.

DC RID3R4421d ago

like we've stated time and time again, sony are ONE step behind in this war, and there's no way back for them!!!

simply because-

1. for next-gen motion sensing, wii has it all won, hands tied behind it's back. (zelda, as great as it is is just a slight inclination to where ninty is taking this)

2. and this one REALLY makes me lmfao, is Dx10. the term has been mentioned quite liberally on this site, but i'm not sure that everyone realises the drastic jump it is from DX9!
the ps3, no matter how powerfull the cell, is gonna get completely PWND once this drops(open GL aint in the same league), and then, it will be TRULY all over.

great stratergies from both nintendo and microsoft this gen, not so much sony.

Munky4422d ago

The comment section to be very quiet. As their is no way for Sony fanboys to put their own spin on the topic. 360 dominated. Period.

It's funny how the most active articles are ones that are one of opinion, ones based purely on facts are totally ignored by PS3 fans...wonder why.

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The story is too old to be commented.