5 Ways Persona 5 Will Be Even Better Than Persona 4 (As Crazy As That Sounds)

Persona 4, when it was released, was a great and somewhat stylish RPG. With Atlus set to release a new Persona on the PS4, early indications point at a game that will be better in quite a few ways. Take a look at what we think will make Persona 5 an even better game than it's predecessor.

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Paulhammer1238d ago

I want this to be true SO HARD

generalwinter1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Another Playstation exclusive, yes! Seems like PS4 has got a nice lineup this year coming up.

SoapShoes1238d ago

Yeah lots of big hitters and niche games. People say niche games don't matter but if you're catering to that crowd you'll get their full support. Lots of niche games is just as important as one big game.

spacedelete1238d ago

well 5 is a greater number than 4 so you would expect it to be better.

Digital_Anomaly1238d ago

If only that were true! I've been disappointed by many a sequel over the years!

Snookies121238d ago

Not to mention, it's going to be really hard to top Persona 4. That game was incredible in just about every way. If it's even close to being as good as P4, it'll be a huge accomplishment. This game is no doubt a day one buy for me on PS4.

MercilessDMercer1238d ago

I feel like I should have played this series at some point...

itBourne1238d ago

Currently playing through 4 on my Vita. It is an absolute blast. It is kind of filling the empty void in my heart from the lack of a Dark Cloud game. Pumped for Persona 5 and whatever Level 5 announces at E3. Finally some good jrpg goodness on my ps4.

MRBIGCAT1238d ago

Amen! I feel like I am missing out here.

Snookies121238d ago

You and MRBIGCAT really do need to hop on the Persona train. Both P3 and P4 are just experiences... There's no other way to put them. They're both something any RPG or JRPG fan should experience.

Hoffmann1238d ago

But will it be better than Persona 2? :-)

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