Here's Your Open World LEGO game, LEGO Worlds, Now Live on Steam Early Access

Love LEGO? Love open world games? Well here's LEGO Worlds, a LEGO game within the open-world universe. Build, explore, survive and wait until release to play online!

It's on Steam Early Access at the moment for $14.99.

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FreakOrama1261d ago

LEGO game, bundled in an open world survival building genre, and on "Early Access"

While I don't mind it, I find it funny somehow, in an ironically bad way.

badz1491261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

WOW haven't seen anything like this before! /s

on a serious note, wasn't LEGO City Undercover, LEGO Batman 2 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes were kinda open world too? minus the build your own thing part, of course.

FreakOrama1261d ago

Never really was a player of LEGO games, but they were fun when I played a few of em, I can definitely see why they're popular, and I've seen a few gameplay videos of this now, it looks nice but I'm still skeptical..

Dunno, guess I have to try it myself.

I played the Batman one for an hour or so, didn't see it as an open world, more like an open level.

Skate-AK1260d ago

Yeah I would call it open world with linear stages.

FreakOrama1261d ago

Just had a go at it, this is kind of fun =3

WizzroSupreme1261d ago

This looks like it could actually be pretty fantastic.

RJ920091261d ago

Now this pc game gets me excited!!!Only 3 more weeks and I get mine out of the shop!!

WizzroSupreme1261d ago

Well, well, it finally happened. Sounds good to me.

Lighter91261d ago

If you can actually build your own stuff with Lego pieces then it will be a great game.

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