5 Reasons that Nintendo’s Splatoon Should be on Any Gamers Shopping List

COG writes - We played, we’ve inked a few people, and we may have even yelled in frustration as we were sure we’d won a game we lost, and now we give you 5 reasons that make Nintendo’s newest game a buyer for pretty much everyone.

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MetroidFREAK211287d ago

No thanks, I'm 24 years old. I don't need this... Especially without the most basic of online features and a halfassed single player offering... The Miiverse is already polluted with inappropriate pictures of the squid girl anyway proving my point...

hduce1287d ago

Your opinion is your opinion but I find the game to be really fun and a refreshing take on the shooting genre.

generalwinter1287d ago

Yeah this actually looks different and fun

breakpad1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

the game its brilliant ..just proves that Nintendo's dev teams havent lost their edge and need to be occupied with new IPs also except with the already stuffed Mario and Zelda

Dudebro901287d ago

The single player is not even close to being half assed.

JLynn9431287d ago

I'm 27, and it's fun. The single-player is done well, and I don't find myself missing voice chat. It'd be nice to have the option, but it's not necessary to the game at least.

Nevers0ft1287d ago

While it does lack certain features you'd find in most online games it doesn't particularly suffer for it. What is there is very polished and thoroughly entertaining. I'm not quite sure why you think age matters, Splatoon kept myself and three friends entertained for several hours last night - single player, online (passing the pad between matches) with ages STARTING at 33 and going all the way up to 46... We had a blast! A good game is a good game, no matter how colourful it is or how many anthropomorphised squid it has.

themonado1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I really don't think your age matters, but okay. I'm glad you think you're too old for this game.

mamotte1287d ago

Oh, you're so mature!

Here, have a cookie, sir.

Splatoon1287d ago

So you are too old to have fun? Ok Gramps.

RJ920091287d ago

I'm 28 and still play on nintendo games and also there's a lot of people that will say the same about gaming in general your just as bad as they are...

AWBrawler1287d ago

Ok and I'm 29 for the next 5 months. What does age have to do with it? Its a damn good game. Your loss.

pcz1287d ago

never liked the look of this game. its fantastic news that its a success for nintendo, but personally i think the characters are horrible and the whole concept boring.

iplay1up21287d ago

Uh, I have been gaming since 1978 begining with Pong, and Atari. I have played every kind of game you can imagine.

There are rarely times I am surprised by gameplay anymore, because most developers seem to stick to their winning formulas, but they mix them up a bit.

That said, Splatoon is a game that takes an old formula and makes it feel fresh.

I do not own the game yet, but I played global test fire, and had a blast. You say the single player is halfa#$%&, yet the reviews say its great. So I do not know why you say that?.?

Just because you are 24 does not mean the game is not fun. I am 44 and play everything from COD to Mario 3D world.

bobacdigital1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Im 32 and I think this game is fun... I took it to a party where most my buddies play cs go and cod and they thought it was pretty good also..

I think once you really get into the game and understand the strategies and movement it becomes really tactical.

Also everyone said this is unlike anything they have ever seen.. it looked really appealing.

browngamer411287d ago

And here my 37 year old self is having a blast

wonderfulmonkeyman1287d ago

Yeah, because your age actually impacts how fun each match is.
Real "mature" opinion there, buddy boy.

3-4-51287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

@Metroidfreak - Ahh your the "know it all" " I'm mature" gamer who can't be seen playing "kids games".

Lots of confidence you have....

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higgins781287d ago

I love that some people are considering themselves too old/grown up to be playing Splatoon, like The Witcher 3 is that much more 'mature'. Games like The Witcher 3 (for example) are no more a nobler expression than any other videogame, perhaps even less so - not exactly Papers Please is it? The PC and Wii U combo is definitely the way to go for pure expression of gameplay and games based on slightly deeper themes.

G3n3raL861287d ago

I remember back in the 90's that everyone was playing and enjoying games like Sonic and Mario. But no one ever considered these games childish or immature back then. And you could find games with violence and stuff, like DooM and MK.

Why the newer generations thing otherwise nowadays is beyond me.

Concertoine1287d ago

It's no different than seeing a pixar movie, for example. It might be marketed to kids, but the writing (or gameplay) is universal, and at times slightly above that demographic. Same thing with nintendo games, or LBP, etc...

RJ920091287d ago

Lol I seem to find out when kids starting gaming with xbox ps2 and gamecube they seem to lack idk what word to use but yeah. I just feel us gamers that lived and played the snes and nes day and then the big bam games are 3d now seem to just get gaming more and I'm sure I am going to get a lot of hate for saying this... flame shield up..

Nevers0ft1287d ago

Ironically, worrying about how the games you play makes you "look" is probably a sign of immaturity. I doubt many people 30+ care, it's pretty much teenagers and twenty-somethings. From my on experience, Splatoon kept myself and three friends (aged 33-46) entertained for several hours last night... At one point we even argued over what clothes to buy our squid *shakes head* :D

pcz1287d ago

i disagree. games like witcher can have mature themes. they can express complex ideas, emotions and explore complex situations.

splatoon doesnt engage people on that level and doesnt try to. for a child it would be fun, and for an adult it would be silly entertainment. but its not going to engage you on any deeper level like witcher would

higgins781286d ago

I'm sorry, but for an 'adult' - in the truest sense of the word, The Witcher 3 (for example again) would also be "silly entertainment", no more or less than a game such as Splatoon. My point is not this however, simply dont be bamboozled by a games exterior, its still a videogame - for the most part.

gerbwmu1287d ago

I like when people state their age in a post....means I can skip reading the post and save myself time.

This game is great fun and a great example of what makes Nintendo such a great developer and is also incomplete and shouldn't have been released until August or September. I'm trying to give them a pass because the content is coming and I know the struggle for them to get enough games out with out the 3rd party support but it would be hypocritical of me not to mention it.

Still if you own a Wii U or are thinking of getting one now is a good time to join the party. Splatoon is amazing fun and looks like it will be getting much better in the next few months.

Splatoon1287d ago

The most fun game this year so far. Buy a Wii U just for this.

KaladinStormblessed1287d ago

Splatoon is probably The most fun game I've played in a long time. I've already spent 12+ hours in the first couple of days on it, and in case you guys haven't heard there is an update today with ranked battles and a new map and weapons coming. The content will come,. Online is smooth and is really fun and competitive, and this is coming from an AC and Batman and Dark Souls kind of guy. Is it worth buying a WiiU for? Well that's up to you. I would definitely recommend it.