Naughty Dog's Already Playing Uncharted 4 Multiplayer on PS4

Expect to hear a lot more about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's multiplayer mode at E3 2015 this month, as Naughty Dog has hinted that it's already got a playable build up-and-running internally.

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PistolsAtDawn1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I'm really looking forward to UC4. It's easily my most anticipated game on PS4 without a doubt, for me personally though in games like this I find MP to be a complete waste of time, money and resources. This game, TR, Last of Us, and Gears of War, etc...I only play the SP and don't even touch MP. Just my opinion is all...I wish the would just focus on SP and drop MP.

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Gamble201288d ago

I respectfully disagree. I loved multiplayer on Uncharted 2. (UC3 multiplayer was OK. But the maps just weren't as fun). I do agree that they should tone down the DLC though.

shaenoide1288d ago

Hum if the MP is half as good as the last of us MP it's still good :)

sonarus1288d ago

i really only invested major time in Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Uncharted 3 multiplayer was basically the same though. Uncharted series had great multiplayer and even greater single player. I don't buy the focus on single player argument because Uncharted does both very well

Pitch_Blanck1288d ago

TLOU multiplayer is so good... Still playing it like a junky!

itBourne1288d ago


Hmm, not sure what you played. But uc3 was not basically the same by no means. If you mean uc3 was basically the same as every other freaking shooter on the market then sure.

I have high hopes for uc4 mp, sadly I know it won't be uc2. Bring back weapon spawns, more health, no loadouts or kickback shit, and for heavens sake, stop with all the dlc.

supersonicjerry1287d ago

UC3 multiplayer was just awful compared to UC2 to me at least. Power plays, kill streaks, etc. UC2 was simple and fun I did hate a few perks like the one that let you see enemies through walls if they nearby and they also had perks that put you at a disadvantage which made it more challenging.

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Farsendor11288d ago

I don't agree with your opinion because imo both series/game has introduced great multiplayer.

madmonkey011288d ago

i prefer single player too. didnt touch the multiplayer on any of the games you listed.

Furesis1288d ago

you know maybe u should try them to give it a fair chance i don't like it how u say they are waste of time when u have not even tested them out you know? i felt the same way with god of war but after playing it a while i loved it and now i feel they have to include MP in future god of war only because it worked so well and i would be a shame to not have it

PistolsAtDawn1288d ago

Why are you assuming I haven't tried them?

umair_s511288d ago

They like to make assumptions nothing near just a new day at n4g

-Foxtrot1288d ago

It's only a waste of time if they continue Uncharted 3s path and still make it like Call of Duty, Battlefield or every other Multiplayer game out there with the same bloody gimmick like structure.

Uncharted 2 was simple, fun and actually relied more on skill.

Handful of boosters

Everyone starts with same guns

No Loadouts, upgradable boosters, weapon mods

All they need to add really is random spawn places for shotguns, rocket launchers, high powered weapons.

SnotyTheRocket1288d ago

Why random spawns? If i learn the maps, and where to get advantages, shouldn't I get said advantage? Like in Halo 3. Power weapons were set spawns, not random.

-Foxtrot1288d ago

Because people just rush to the weapons spawns at every bloody match. It's sad

Least if they are random it's luck if you get one and it gives more people the chance of picking one up.

thricetold1287d ago

I hate games that use weapon spawns instead of loadouts as every freakin match is a mad dash to the op weapons and camping of said weapon spawns, usually leaving other players with the same crappy weapons all game while whoever gets to the good weapons dominateeeveryone else. No.

Very reason why many ( didn't say everyone ) liked UC3 over UC2. I just totally disagree that more skill is involved when you're stuck with crappy weapons the majority of the match. I don't care about boosters or kick backs but loadouts are a must.

Just let everyone pick their starting weapons and then lets talk skill.

XisThatKid1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I rarely disagree with you Fox but UC3 could easily be remade and tweaked I personally like it more than 2 but I absolutely LOVED both. I like the buddy system and hate they took out the intros in 3. The events we cool and fun I like simplicity but I also like complexity when not a mess
I'ma play right Fn NOW! I'm all pumped now

-Foxtrot1287d ago


You hate games that use weapon spawns instead of loadouts? Are you bloody joking?

There's hardly been ANY online games which did what Uncharted 2 did. Every online these days follows the same old boring system WITH LOADOUTS.

The only over powered weapons in Uncharted 2 were the obvious ones like the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Magnum but the other machine guns such as the M4, Shotgun (long range) and G-Mal were not over powered.


They tried to tweak it look what happened, it got worse after the Summer beta.

You either do it like every other online game (Uncharted 3) or you do it differently (Uncharted 2)

You can't have both

They turned the online into something it wasn't

The buddy system was just not needed aswell and was not very fun. Again another gimmick..

thricetold1282d ago

What difference does it make how many games use weapon spawns instead of loadouts? If there was only one I'd hate that one game. Very reason i could never get into halo and hated that UC2 copied that instead of normal loadouts.

Totally disagree about op weapons as there is a huge difference between that crappy ak47 and the m4 you have to pick up. I shouldn't be forced to learn the ins and outs of a weapon i can't stand to use, just to compete with someone who loves the ak47 and can cycle it like a pro.

I just firmly believe most who like weapon spawns is that same gamer who rushes to the op weapons and camps or patrols those spawn points for easy kills and somehow thinks skills are involved. There simply is no other benefit to that design. Who wants to spend half the match trying to get an adequate weapon?

I just don't understand how you can talk skill and not give gamers the freedom to choose what weapons they want to use to showcase that skill.

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TRS_Gear1288d ago

I'm kind of jealous of you. I love the MP in all of the games you mentioned. If wasn't so addicted to them, I would have a lot more free time to enjoy other great games. However the memories and friendships I've made playing online... I wouldn't trade it for any amount of single player content.

Josuey1288d ago

The multiplayer in these games are amazing except TR.
TLOU multiplayer is the most balanced best multiplayer ive played in years and uncharted multiplayer is amazing as well. If you dont like multiplayer games all i have to say is get gud and learn how to play which is prob the only reason you dont like MP

Subaruwrx1288d ago

@Josuey - I and plenty of others prefer playing alone - that's why we don't play multiplayer - it's got nothing to do with our skills. I won't buy a game unless it has a decent single player campaign. Fortunately, games like TLOU and Uncharted 2 provide excellent multiplayer and single player content.

rainslacker1287d ago

I just generally don't enjoy playing with people I don't know. I know sometimes it works out great, as you get into good games, but too many times you have to sit through the lowest of the low just to play a game, and I don't find that enjoyable.

hardcorehippiez1288d ago

are you mad ? tlou was easily the best online game last gen !

Pitch_Blanck1288d ago

Totally agree with you man! TLOU is best single AND multiplayer game last generation.
Can't wait for the second entry...

Subaruwrx1288d ago

While I agree that story driven action games like the TLOU and Uncharted are at their best in SP mode, so far the addition of MP mode has not detracted from the SP experience and it provides additional value to gamers who enjoy MP mode.

1nsomniac1288d ago

Haha TLOU & GoW are some of the best multiplayers of the last generation. Your opinion unfortunately is a little stupid..

showtimefolks1288d ago

I don't buy these games because of MP but I still try it and play the Co op. I love the Co op

IIFloodyII1288d ago

I used to agree with this until I just randomly decided to try Uncharted 2's MP, and was blown away by how fun it was. Now I'm just as excited for Naughty Dog's multiplayer as I am their singleplayer.

Magicite1288d ago

the hype for UC4 is unparalleled.

themiracle1288d ago

Must respectively disagree my friend.
ND make some of the best PS MP out there
(Pay to win DLC notwithstanding)
And I would definitely miss the MP
esp since it obviously does not detract from the consistently spectacular SP

OhMyGandhi1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )


what aspect of Naughty Dog's multiplayer did you not like?
The reason why people are going off on you is because you provided no support for your argument. What is it about the the game's multiplayer that you felt was "wasteful"?

Have you actually played the multiplayer in these games?
Uncharted 2's multiplayer was incredibly addictive, the matches were fast and fierce, the weapons felt balanced, and the level designs were top notch. Every player had equal opportunity to dominate the match, and because each kill took a bit of time (think Halo 2, when you have to sort of chase down each player with a machine gun until they fall down), it became an incredibly rewarding experience. I didn't even get into the fact the game STILL looked jaw droppingly gorgeous with so many players running around.

My favorite aspect was the feeling of running and jumping, crouching behind cover, and working with your team to control the map. Naughty Dog showcased incredible skill with their multiplayer, and Uncharted 2 remains one of few games that featured a spectacular single player campaign with a deep, satisfying multiplayer component as the cherry on top.

I will admit that upon seeing the first screens of U2's MP, I myself was skeptical, because it came at a time when games that were primarily single player were being forced by publishers to incorporate a multiplayer mode for added "value" to the player, no matter how shoddily constructed it may turn out to be. Uncharted 2 implemented incredibly fun multiplayer that felt incredibly fleshed out and not "tacked on".

ShadowWolf7121287d ago

Maybe he just doesn't like Multiplayer? Not everyone inherently likes Multiplayer, and there's nothing wrong with that, honestly. Not sure why people seem offended that he doesn't like it.

dafegamer1288d ago

why not both? ND doesn't halfass SP campaigns

FamilyGuy1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Well it's a good thing the world doesn't revolve around you.
I am the COMPLETE opposite. I spent hundreds of hours, maybe 1000, on /uncharted 2's multiplayer and never finished the 10 hour single player storyline. On Uncharted 3 I never played the story mode whatsoever, I only played the multiplayer (though it was too changed for me to like it as much as Uncharted 2's).

It'd be nice if they sold them separately but to completely get rid of one in favor of the other is ridiculous and an incredibly selfish request.

XisThatKid1287d ago

screw that MY OPINION is UC2 and 3 is on my all time fav and fun multiplayer experiences ever. Now Naughty Dog get down on that Summer Subway promo like you did when UC3 was in BETA so I can try to relive one of my fav summers of all time

bennissimo1287d ago

Naughty Dog's MP always seems like a well-intentioned afterthought. I rent or borrow their games to play the SP campaign once. $60 is too much to pay for that limited but wonderful experience.

SheenuTheLegend1287d ago

are you out of your mind? if this is not worth 60$ than nothing in the world is.

WilDRangeRfc1287d ago

I for one am glad that devs are nothing like you,Gears 3 still is relevant today because of the huge online community,I play that and TLOUR MP all the time because I enjoy the thrill of pvp and getting the better of real people,there is no better feeling of outsmarting and whooping someones ass.
To me gamers like you are stuck in the past,I would get bored of gaming quickly if there was no more MP.
I also think it is very nieve to say that SP games would be better without MP,TLOU is the perfect example that great devs can make the best of both.
But hey you enjoy your 10000 play through of what ever game you play that your not bored of yet,I will be having fun kicking friends butts online.

rob60211287d ago

The thing is they usually build the multiplayer out of already existing assets for the most part - So it may not be as much of waste of money and resources as you might think. It can be seen as a waste of the resources not to do some kind of multiplayer mode out of it.

Kingdomcome2471287d ago

UC2 had an amazing and really underated mp. There could be some really cool gameplay opportunities in mp if they include the grappling hook that they showed off in the UC4 reveal. Naughty Dog also doesn't have a history of just shoehorning sub-par elements into their games just for the sake of checking a box. I suspect that they will craft the mp with care and the same quality and attention to detail that they've come to be known for.

jznrpg1287d ago

I usually don't like MP , but UC and TLoU MP was fun and well done and didn't detract from the SP experience imo. If more games were like those I wouldnt mind MP as much. DA:I and Mass Effect MP are a good example of poor MP imo.

Hereiamhereibe21287d ago

Your 100+ Disagrees shows that MP will always be a thing in the uncharted universe. Also you really cant hate MP, it provides alot of replayability. Replayability = more sales, more sales = more sequels, more sequels = more SP.

miyamoto1287d ago

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves MP was one of the best MP ever made.

bloop1287d ago

I agree that MP in some games is a waste of time and resources. TR multi was terrible but I thought Uncharted was ok and TLOU was pretty good when you got into it. But to say Gears MP was a waste of time and resources?!?!? Gears 3 is probably the best MP game last gen!!

mark_parch1287d ago

agree with all except gears multiplayer was quite good

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MrSwankSinatra1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

If it's anything like Uncharted 3 then I don't care.

Septic1288d ago

It could be completely different and better?

MrSwankSinatra1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

That's a BIG what if. Call me cynical, but the same director that did Uncharted 3 MP is doing Uncharted 4 MP and that in itself does not bode well. Uncharted 3 MP was a freaking train wreck.

Septic1288d ago

Uncharted 4 fell flat on its face because it did what a lot of devs did and that's copy and paste the COD formula in terms of loadouts etc. 343 industries did the same with Halo 4 and the Halo 5 beta shows how the learnt their lesson.

Naughty Dog, of all developers, know and have acknowledged in the past, their shortcomings with the MP. If anyone can sort the MP out its them.

JohnWayne_1288d ago

Uncharted 4 isn't even out, so how could it have fell flat on its face?

Septic1288d ago

Lol sorry. I meant UC3's mp. It wasn't that bad either but it just lacked the personality that UC2 did.

Sono4211288d ago

I actually have to agree with MrSwankSinatra, UC2's multiplayer didn't have as many feature's as UC3's but it was still better! Just because it has more feature's doesn't automatically make it better.. They play completely different. UC2 was slower more stealthy. UC3 was so much faster paced and more chaotic, not to mention the maps weren't nearly as good, with the exceptions of some of course.

What i'm hoping is that they go for something completely unique and different like they did with the last of us mp! OMFG most underrated multiplayer ever right there... simply... BRILLIANT!

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spicelicka1288d ago

But if it's like Last of Us that would be amazing!

MrSwankSinatra1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I'd prefer it more like Uncharted 2 than TLoU or Uncharted 3.

Septic1288d ago

I liked TLOU mp. There was a real focus on teamwork and I loved the fact that one good player could win against multiple enemies if smart/skilled enough.

-Foxtrot1288d ago

Why are you getting disagrees....I swear it's like people just played Uncharted 3 and never experienced the glory of Uncharted 2s multiplayer

Even after the 1.5 update it was still better then Uncharted 3.

Even despite the Last of Us being great online they still added things like load outs which didn't fit within that world

I mean it would have been better to scavenge for your weapons

I think we can mostly all agree ND have added things to the Last of Us multiplayer now which has dumbed it down a little. It's not as good when it first came out.

Inzo1287d ago

Sorry but U3 was brilliant, granted its not U2 but brilliant none the less.

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DillyDilly1288d ago

Somebody give the Naughty Dog employees a medal stat for this big accomplishment

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Milkshake1287d ago

What?! I wish there was a bubble down for "unintelligible"

Imalwaysright1288d ago

A beta later this year would be awesome.

mafiahajeri1288d ago

Gaining access by buying the HD trilogy ;)

Kingdomcome2471287d ago

That would sell like hotcakes. I'd be extra down for that. The trilogy, if it's truly a reality, is a day one for me either way, though.

Snookies121287d ago

*crosses fingers for E3* I've been really wanting to go back through the Uncharted trilogy, but haven't felt like going out to buy all the games again. Plus, a nice fresh coat of paint wouldn't hurt for current gen!

medman1288d ago

Great to hear...I'm really looking forward to some more Uncharted. I recently went back and played 1-3 on ps3 for my fix. I'll be replaying TLOU soon enough as well...Left Behind is sooo good. Naughty Dog = greatness.

OB1Biker1288d ago

Every time I hear some news about Uncharted 4 I get that tune stuck in my head for a while