Mad Max: Savage Road Misses The Point

Mad Max: Fury Road created a huge buzz on the internet with its feminist themes. The game, however, isn’t living up to fan’s expectations.

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76erz241238d ago

God forbid Avalanche Studios doesn't choose to shove their political ideals in are face and instead just try to make a fun game.

ERFO1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

"The game, however, isn't living up to fan's expectations"

Second sentence. Based on a demo? You want me to believe your article doesn't harbor some agenda?

Maria Kane is one of the lead characters in Just Cause 2.(Psssst Avalanche, the makers of Mad Max, made this game too)

In the game, Maria Kane has been with the agency since 1994. She denied several offers to join the Agency until she was eventually convinced.

You think Avalanche, a company well seasoned in the art of game making AND including strong female leads in their games, just forgot how to make AAA titles?

This article is based on a demo you played? Are you representing strong and secure womankind by writing this kind of throwaway, whiny journalism?

The problem with women like you is that you think you're helping the cause when in reality you're taking a step backward.

I loved Fury Road. Did you see the 3 other Mad Max movies? I didn't see any references to them in your article. How did they portray women? I seem to remember Thunder dome had a pretty strong female lead. But you know what? The first Mad Max didn't have any strong female leads so it was garbage, right?

12 angry men. All male cast.


Final Fantasy XV. I haven't played it yet but it has an all-male lead character cast. It's already "not living up to fan's expectations" then, in your "HONEST" opinion, right?


SmokingMonkey1238d ago

Game looks awesome to me? A must buy for me since I love Mad Max.

Just Cause meets Mad Max universe, how do you mess that up?

Quofo1237d ago

Don't care what anyone says, I'm buying this game day one. Even over Phantom Pain. Sleeper hit of the year. It's going to be great. Perfect game to play while waiting for Fallout 4.