Bayonetta Impression on PlaystationLifestyle

Bayonetta was shown to PlaystationLifestyle recently and they now posted an Impression of it.

Looks similar to Devil may cry and they got to see enemies , locations and boss fights.

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QueefyB3831d ago

wow it looks marvelous this must be another playstation 3 exclusive

pizzas3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Sadly it isn't. Sigh.. Games like this belong on the PS3. They could do so much more with Blu-ray. Hopefully they're using the PS3 as their lead platform, at least. If it's anything like Devil May Cry, it'll play best with a PS3 controller.

QueefyB3831d ago

hey pizzas i agree the xbox 360 is really holding back so many titles did you hear the bioshock senior programmer said blu ray will allow for hi definition resolutions in bioshock so its obvious dvd 9 is a waste of developers time and resources

Montrealien3831d ago

Bioshock is High Def on the 360, sorry. The PS3 is a gaming console, that "on paper" is a little more power full then the 360 but not enough to go leaps and bounds ahead in the graphics department.

Most of you will disagree but we can talk to each other in 3 years. Even MGS4, a game which I love and respect, has some frame dips, Uncharted has some grass popping up and is Running in 720p and most first party games are running in 720p. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just people have to stop thinking the PlayStation 3 will amaze everyone when they figure it out, that is getting very old.

Just enjoy your consoles and have fun with the most important Arguing in places like this is fake, most of you are fake and make belief persona's that would never discuss gaming like this in real life, or at least I would hope so. I know this because I deal with gamers on a daily basis and in he real world, fanboys are jokes, enthusiast are not. Learn2beanenthusiast...

SlaMori3831d ago

Fixed the description Vasalisk, is it good now ? (first N4G post so bare with me lol)

power of Green 3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Hope the PS3 didn't hold them back, lets just hope they had different teams working on each version or atleast used the 360 as lead wouldn't wan't a game gimped by default due to the PS3's hardware. Sounds like they may have did the right thing.

EDIT: Nope Just looked at the new screen and the PS3 is clearly holding this back with faded powdered colors and weak lighting.

I guess only the best devs or engines can make games look good on the PS3; only if devs worked on the 360(best engines and devs) they would get superior results in half the time and half the money.

pizzas3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

360 = Unreal Engine 3 = Best engine? ROFL!!!! Now I know for sure you're a complete moron.

"...with faded powdered colors and weak lighting." Throw in some weak animations, constant texture pop-ups, washed out colors and yep, sounds like Unreal Engine 3 to me.

power of Green 3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Dam have you fella's seen the difference between the PS3 version and the 360 version of Resident Evil 5?; it is comical.

I would love for devs to make one level from every PS3 exclusive for the 360 and compare it to the PS3 versions. lol

2.2's username sounds good, good thing I got some yogurt on hand when looking at his post all it does is make me hungry.

pizzas3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Uncharted, a 1st generation PS3 title, looks better than every-single Xbox 360 exclusive ever released or shown lol. Now THAT'S funny.

You really are a loser, POG. It must suck to be you. No friends, no life.. You just waste your time in these comment sections making a fool of yourself all day and for what? What do you gain? If you want to compare multi-platform games go right ahead but it's not really proving anything in terms of which console's the most powerful of the two. You're comparing ports to the original versions. The EXCLUSIVES speak for themselves and so far, in that department, the 360's got nothing special to show.

What's the best looking console game ever released so far? Again, it's a 1st generation PS3 game lol. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Then we have Ratchet & Clank Future: TOD, which looks like a pixar movie. Then Heavenly Sword, and I can go on. Even Lair, the biggest flop of 2007, had some of the best graphics I've ever seen. Kinda sad really, when you consider the fact that your Xbox 360 actually launched in 2005. Most of your little exclusives run on Unreal Engine 3, a maxed out, outdated garbage engine that makes every game look the same.

Just wait till you see Heavy Rain and God of War III (which supposedly rivals Beowulf, a CGI movie LMAO)

Lately I haven't really seen any graphically impressive 360 games, to be honest. Fable 2 has some of the weakest animations I've seen so far this gen. Looks like World of Warcraft and the characters look like they're floating lol. Gears 2 looks exactly like Unreal Tournament 3. What else is left? JRPG's that look like trash and ALSO run on UE3. Anything else? Alan Wait? Banjo (flattest textures ever)? Splinter Cell? Oh wait that's right, that was delayed to 2010. Left 4 Dead (Vampire Rain with co-op)? Looks like a Wii game except The Conduit looks better lol.

juuken3831d ago

...You are one sad f*cker. That is all.

Mr Fancy Pants3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

what R5 differences are you talking about POG?

last time i checked Capcom makes all their games on a PC then they port them to consoles. that means no individual console comparisons...

BTW Uncharted looks better than anything on the box POG. ;-)

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SlaMori3831d ago

Looking forward for this game , 360 or PS3...
i hope its not a 6-8 hours game like most games lately !

QueefyB3831d ago

dont worry it will be 15 hours on the playstation 3 if they decide to port it to the xbox 360 it will be 5 hours

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