Reminder: Last chance to spend cash converted from Microsoft Points

Dealspwn: If you still have credit on your Xbox Live account from when the old Microsoft Points (or MSP) were converted into local currency, today is your last chance to spend that money before it's wiped from your account. So get it spent, now!

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Rivitur1288d ago

Thank you based gamestop promotions.

ERFO1288d ago

Okay I read your sentence a few times and I'm still trying to wrap my head around just what it is you're trying to say.

Oh I bet "based" is supposed to read "biased"

I get it.

No wait. Now that the sentence makes sense, the idea doesn't. How would gamestop benefit from you using up the rest of your Microsoft credit?

Rivitur1288d ago

You remember the gamestop Facebook promotion from last year where people scored $100+ in ms points? That's what I'm thanking.