How to Permanently Disable Intro and Story Book Videos in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt With Mod

If you are a Witcher 3 fan then you must be familiar with the annoying intro video that you have to skip every time in order to play the game. The most awkward moment is when, you are playing on a death march difficulty and each time you die


Clarification: PC only.

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Exari1261d ago

this is only for pc, title has to state that..

megatron007331261d ago

The Mods only work in PC :)

Summons751261d ago

Also no indication it's a mod...

Tzuno1261d ago

Press space to skip :)

darkmirror1261d ago

Doesn't matter if you can't skip on console. The game loads in the background while the video plays, so your not really missing anything.

WizzroSupreme1261d ago

Both are pretty awesome if you ask me. I'd watch 'em all

TorpeAlex1259d ago

You'd rather have a black screen with a loading animation in the corner?