The Witcher 3 holds off Splatoon to spend a second week on top of UK charts

The Witcher 3 has held off strong competition from Splatoon for a second straight week on top of the UK Charts.

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Geobros1235d ago

Great sales for Splatoon! Nice work Nintendo...

RosweeSon1235d ago

Yeah not bad for a system that's supposedly doomed, kept off the top spot by a game that's on 3 systems, not bad at all for a Brand New IP.

TheCommentator1235d ago

Tell all your friends... wait, there's no chat in Splatoon? Nevermind.

wonderfulmonkeyman1235d ago

When are you people gonna get over the vc issue and start enjoying the game?
Is cussing out randoms online really that damned important to ya?XD

TheCommentator1234d ago

Communication is a part of teamwork. Play a campaign if you don't wan't to cooperate or turn off voice chat if it offends you.

TheCommentator1234d ago

^ ^ ^

Wan't, lol. Don't drink and spell kids, it'll kill ya...

RiPPn1235d ago

Much deserved, Witched 3 is a gem!

Mikito111235d ago

For the UK chart that's actually surprising! I have seen it advertised a few times here but there are far less wii u's sold here.. Anyway good news! I'm loving splatoon :D

MilkMan1235d ago

First off Withcer 3 is the bomb, but that being said after a week of solid Withcer 3 I was ready for something else.
and..Splatoon is a lot of fun. If you haven't played it you're missing out. Its like this in my home I have all the games you could ever want on all the systems and in particular all the shooters. My kids have seen them all. They all lined up to play Splatoon (including my wife). If things keep going like this I may have to buy another WiiU.
Now, back to Wither 3 before I loose my spot.

Griever1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

For a moment I thought you were saying that the Witcher 3 is A bomb (flop) and was like O_o Then looked again and got it. Lol
Pretty good performance by Splatoon though. It is a good, innocent and family oriented shooter in a world of ultra violent and politically charged shooters which either depict the Koreans, Chinese, Russian or Middle-Easterners as villains. The Wii U install base is quite low and Witcher 3 is multiplat so it is very impressive that it still almost topped the charts.

Emme1235d ago

Splatoon has fantastic gameplay that has leveral layers and isnt quite as simple as it seems at first sight. I never was into online shooters, skipped Destiny etc, but Splatoon caught me by surprise, its fast, furious and fun.

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