Valve Sells Out - Counter-Strike Getting In-game Ads

In-Game advertising has slowly been make its way up the game grapevine. Today Valves Doug Lombardi confirmed that in-game advertising, served by IGA, will appear in CS 1.6, and in CS:Source later on.

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zonetrooper54332d ago

Valve are not a greedy company unlike EA. At least Valve make lots of good games compared to EA where most of them are [email protected] and then there are a few good ones. I don't mind seeing adverts if its in the game, i only hate it when they are flashing up while the game is loading. Its another way to make money as making video games are taking longer to make, you need bigger teams etc. In the end many companies need to stay afloat, next generation gaming can be amazing but at the same time many companies begin to fall and then go away with out a trace.

death monk4330d ago

I can see your point in regards to new games, but these two games have been out for years and these ads are a new addition. The games have already been made, they came bundled with Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2, respectively. This is just something to make a few extra dollars on the side.

specialguest4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

i don't mind in-game ads, as long as it doesn't annoyingly get in the way. in-game ads shouldn't show up at the wrong place, ruining the mood and atmosphere of the game either.

im sure some companies need the money earned from in-game ads to help finance the developement of these games. then there's companies like EA who incorporates it as another opportunity to profit, with no extra essentives for gamers.

i could be totally wrong and off about this though. oh well.

bung tickler4332d ago

I dont mind in game ads much, as long as they dont detract from the game, like in Saints Row, if Burger King would have been used in place of Freckle B!tches I wouldnt have cared at all.

MicroGamer4331d ago

In game ads MUST be obtrusive in order to be effective. The whole point of ads is to be seen. If you aren't seeing the ads because you are focused on the game, then they have failed in their purpose. Ads have no place in games.

Rooted_Dust4330d ago

I don't mind ads in the form of posters or billboards while actually playing the game. It adds to the realism. What I don't want is having to go through 5 ads just to get into a match.

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