Batman: Arkham Knight - Gamestop Red Hood Pre-Order Ad

Batman: Arkham Knight - Gamestop Red Hood Pre-Order Advertisement.

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cl19831262d ago

And this is what pre-ordering has devolved into. Sad day.

Marcus Fenix1262d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if a future batman game gets released with batman's butt exposed to persuade gamers into buying the missing armor piece that covers his butt, in the standard version he would be called @ssman.

SarcasticDuck1262d ago

thats actually a good joke about it! but dont repeat it, they could get serious about it! besides, Batman will not have anymore arkham games. (mr burns dressed as b-man as DLC) lol

DivoJones1261d ago

Yup.. their atrocious and greedy approach to DLC is turning me away from this game. I'll get it on a deal someday.. probably by September.

oIITSBIIo1262d ago

Shame on you RS, Release the complete shi* for everyone and stop splitting it to hundred pieces.

jb2271262d ago

Throw that shame at Warner Bros….Rocksteady most likely had no involvement in the actual business of the content, but they obviously go to painstaking lengths to legitimize WB's business decision by at least making the content they are forced to do worthwhile. Look at Arkham Asylum, during that time WB was basically just throwing RS & fans a bone by letting it be developed, but as soon as they saw what a cash cow the franchise could be, here comes the pre order incentives for City, then here comes a shoehorned prequel by another dev to milk the dry spell, then here comes the real mccoy w/ more preorder & dlc deals than ever. WB could care less about the quality of the sh*t they shovel, but Rocksteady are doing well by fans in just making sure the content is worthwhile. Dug the Catwoman stuff from the last game because it was something unique to itself, just like what this Red Hood stuff looks to be. If they wanted to be lazy they could just pull an Origins & have you play as Batman again & retell a story already told by a much better writer in Paul Dini.