Why Feminist Frequency Is Dead Wrong About 'The Witcher 3'

Confirmation bias is dangerous. When you’re always looking for evidence of something, you begin to see it even where no evidence exists. Perhaps especially when no evidence exists.

Take the recent tweets of the Feminist Frequency duo—Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian—regarding the recently released video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Sarkeesian has become the face of video game feminism, and McIntosh—to a far lesser degree—shares her podium and her reputation.

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Zenith4k1240d ago

Nice piece some great points and examinations of the games story.

Massacred1240d ago

Eric Kain tends to be a very reliable journalist.

TedCruzsTaint1240d ago

They're dead wrong when it comes to just about everything they cover.
It's just their way.

Greyfoxdbz1240d ago

I remember Anita said it was sexist that a woman needed saving in Dying Light. Someone then pointed out that it was a zombie game and that men need saving too, but i guess she sees what she wants to see right.

rainslacker1239d ago

Just keep it in mind when the zombie apocalypse comes and you are in a situation where her and McIntosh are in need of saving, and you are the one doing the saving, that you should save McIntosh, because you wouldn't want to be considered sexist or a misogynist.

As we all know, when one is in need of saving from a dire situation, and that one is also a feminist, equality, representation, and empowerment are first and foremost on said one's mind.

Or just offer them both up to the zombies as a sacrifice like Craster did in Game of Thrones to protect his self and family. Maybe crack a couple of beers with McIntosh when he throws Anita to the wolves to save his own skin.

Any of those would work, or you could let them both rot, but that would make you kind of a crappy human being, which most of us aren't.

Omnisonne1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

They can't get any grip on any of their statements (which is why they never attempt going into an argument or discussion with it) so they just sling dumb shit around the internet that gets debunked the next day.

All they probably care about is exposure and attention, I refuse to believe anyone in their right mind thinks these points are valid when writing them down.

[edit] Them attacking The Witcher 3 only enforces this, the game got a ton of media attention and is praised all around. Anita McIntosh just chiming in trying to catch some of the spotlight

Greyfoxdbz1240d ago

I think anita has actually made a lot of money from being a professional idiot

Omnisonne1240d ago

Yeah, she isn't the first

ironfist921240d ago

People take Feminist Frequency seriously?

DiscoKid1240d ago

I'm no chauvinist, but I think feminism is useless in it's entirety. Women can vote, own their own property and jobs, and even run for president. But now, feminists are just looking to be reverenced like goddesses.

You gotta be pretty bored to take this movement to video games. Some people just choose to be victims so they have a reason to go off on somebody.

Snookies121240d ago

Exactly, they're just using 'feminism' as a way to get what they want. It has nothing to do with equality in a lot of cases these days.

pkb791240d ago

if you start a sentence with the pharse "im not a(racist, a bigot, chovanistic ect)" whatever follows proves that you are what you claime not to be. Every. Single. Time.

Captain_TomAN941240d ago

The name "Feminism" is a stupid one because it makes it sound one-sided, but the fact is that it only means gender equality - which is not useless or stupid.

DiscoKid1240d ago

@pkb79 So if I say "I'm no god or anything", does that make me a god? Don't try to change the subject because you can't provide a proper rebuttal and contribute to the discussion. Stop with the ad hominem.

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OB1Biker1240d ago

Wow. The first relevant post I see from Forbes in a while. Pleasantly surprised here

Vanfernal1240d ago

Because Feminist Frequency is wrong about most stuff?

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