Nvidia announces GameWorksVR – Incredible VR gaming experiences on GeForce GPUs

MWEB GameZone writes: "Nvidia has announced GameWorksVR, a new software development kit for VR headsets and game developers.

According to Nvidia, GameWorksVR will 'blaze the trail for VR' and 'help VR headset and game developers build incredible experiences on GeForce GPUs'.

Here is everything we know so far about GameWorksVR."

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HoldenZA1260d ago

VR is still too expensive for me. When it gets cheaper I'll join the conversation.

Sillicur1260d ago

Indeed, the entry level recommended GPU of 970 is a bit much!

SonZeRo1260d ago

agreed, VR is just now emerging and im hoping it doesn't end up like 3D where it actually sucks but if you want to watch a movie its almost forced onto you that you must watch in 3D

Sillicur1260d ago

Yeh, agreed with the movie comparison. Hope it doesnt come to that. I get motionsickness and 3D movies generally make me feel ill :( Only sometimes though, dunno exactly how it works with a person's brain.

Khajiit861260d ago

3d gaming is amazing. Just not too many games support it natively and 2d to 3d feature on my TV is ok but nothing compared to a game that has an option for 3d. Arkham City on my 55inch 3dtv was one of the best experiences I had in gaming.

jhoward5851260d ago

Mufi-threaded software like DX12 makes VR a bit more affordable because the gpu/cpu cores utilization aren't wasted like before.

Sillicur1260d ago

Ah good point! But do you think Oculus recommended specs will change with that or stay the same?

jhoward5851260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )


Ah good point! But do you think Oculus recommended specs will change with that or stay the same?

I think Oculus/Facebook were just using a general recommended specs with out looking in to other hardware configurations available on the market.

I think Oculus/Facebook recommended hardware will be just as affordable as a mid range steam machine. I think the cost would be somewhere in $500 ball park for a low budgeted machine. adding Dx12 should make that possible. And if Facebook are smart they would make sure there's at least one(or a few) complete hardware package (Oculus glass + hardware + controls) available on the market under &900 bucks because a %1000 price tag might looks to big to many, and scare them off.

starchild1260d ago

A GTX 970 is too expensive?

Even if it is too expensive for you now, by next year there will be mid-range cards with around the same performance.

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DesVader1260d ago

Paving the way for Occulus Rift and more?

Sillicur1260d ago

VR is coming fast! Damn wish i could afford a card that could run it though, maybe the GTX 980 Ti is the answer

Perjoss1260d ago

Its not going to be a cheap card. If you cannot afford a regular 980 now you probably wont be able to afford a ti version either.

plut0nash1260d ago

Yeah I'd love to have an Oculus Rift. Sim Racing would be my use in the end.

HanCilliers1260d ago

I predicted that VR will be the thing to talk about in 2015. But I'm still not sold on it as a gaming device I want to buy.

specialguest1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I've been playing with the Oculus Rift DK2 for 9months now. From what I've read, the consumer version of the rift is significantly better than my DK2 version, yet the DK2 was good enough to convince me that VR has a place in gaming today. VR is one of those things you'll have to try before you can even grasp how literally game changing it is.

There's nothing on a normal TV/monitor set up that can give you this immersion, not even a 4K triple monitor setup for sim games. One of the things that can give VR a failed experience is if the developer neglects the rules of developing for VR and create a game that gives players immediate motion sickness. There's several demos like that now.

I'm glad a big corp like Nvidia is investing in VR, even though their interest in 3D gaming with 3DVision didn't take off.