Peter Moore Speaks Out Against Those Spewing Hate Due To The Introduction of Women in FIFA 16

Peter Moore takes to Twitter to call out all those misogynists against the announcement of women’s national teams to be included in the upcoming FIFA 16 game.

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johndoe112111288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I really really want to care about what he says, but I just can't seem to give a damn about anything that comes out of peter moore's mouth. On another note, do these people actually know what it means to be a misogynists? They keep throwing that word around. If someone has a problem with what EA did it does not necessarily mean they are misogynists for crying out loud. These bloody "journalists", it's like they never heard of a dictionary.

Forbidden_Darkness1288d ago

If they are saying they aren't going to buy the game because EA is adding women into the game, than they are misogynists (misogynists- is a person who hates or dislikes women). If gamers were mad because they're adding a feature that changed the game in a negative way, than it would be justified.. But it being specifically about women (which obviously wont negatively effect the game), is a terrible thing that still exists in reality.

Cra2yey31288d ago

I don't have anything against women being in the game, just instead of fixing their damn game first they add stuff that nobody on earth asked or begged for...

johndoe112111288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Hogwash. I never said they were right for not wanting women in the game, but them not wanting women in the game DOES NOT make them misogynists. What sort of twisted logic is that? Who gave you the right to class people like that? Whether or not their reasons are valid, it does not equate to hating women. That is an absolutely screwed up way to look at things. I know men who say they will NEVER play a game as a female character, I don't understand the logic but it does not mean they hate women.

I personally don't have an issue with it and I don't see why anyone else should, but I would never say that someone who does hates women. something is severely wrong with your level of thinking.

Forbidden_Darkness1288d ago

@cra2yey3z: But who are you to say that nobody on earth asked or begged for women in Fifa? I have a couple female friends who play Fifa quite a lot and really wanted women teams represented as well. Adding women into the game really isn't going take away from them actually fixing problems.

Would they actually fix those problems if they didn't add women? Most likely not. That is what gamers should be raging about. Not the fact that they're adding women into the game instead of possibly fixing bugs, but the fact that they have ignored obvious flaws with their games for years without doing anything about it. Adding features like women teams is great, ignoring bugs and such is not. Focus on that is what I'm saying.

@johndoe11211: It seriously comes off as such though. That's the point I'm trying to get across. There are still men teams in the game, so why would they go against buying it? Why miss out on the experience? Seems like they have something against the fact that there are women in the game, which surely is much the same as disliking and hating women? Maybe the term misogynists isn't exactly what people are looking for here, so if not... What term then (if people must use a term at all)? Or should the term be changed to represent more present culture instead?

And honestly, I don't like classing people at all and my comment obviously came off as such, which i apologize for. I'm really just trying to understand why gamers are making big deals out of things like this? I keep seeing people flip out because AC Unity didn't have a playable woman character or Hatred is some how more violent than other games because it takes a different approach to violence than a lot of games have, and etc.

I just wish gamers would stop focusing 'feminism", 'diversity', 'whats okay in games and whats not' and such... and more on the fact that publishers are nickle and diming us, releasing broken games, selling us on graphics that turn out to be false and etc. Diversity in gaming will come, just like it has with other forms of media, but what we as gamers need to focus on is how our games are being advertised to us versus how they actually are when they finally come out. What state are they hours, days, months and even years after release? What are publishers doing to give us complete and fully realized game, instead of cutting bits and pieces out of their products to advertise as preorder bonuses or sell to us later?

That should be where gamers focal points are. Instead of bashing EA for putting females into Fifa, bash them for not fixing or adding more to each iteration of the game.

Palitera1288d ago

Gamers are not pissed because it is being made an addition that makes he game worse or because women are being added.

They are mad because no addition is being made.

No matter how big EA wants to make it sound, the "biggest change" for this year is... One extra league to the game.

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Entonations1288d ago

@johndoe11211 uh.. that's actually what misogyny means. You basically gave a few textbook examples.

johndoe112111288d ago

Ok, question. In most universities in england, men's rights groups are not allowed to have meetings. The feminists groups lobbied against it and got it banned. Only feminists groups are allowed to speak and have meetings. Now, by your reasoning are you admitting that every woman in those feminists groups in all those universities that have banned men's rights groups, hate men? Simple question. Because that is 100 times worse than what we are seeing here.

Palitera1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

But he didn't.

I know myself some people that won't play as females as well. They make jokes about it on the subject of "drag queening" your game session and they absolutely love and respect their fiancées.

To be honest, you are the narrow minded one here, pointing fingers and labeling as "evil" people that disagree with you, whose opinions you have clearly no understanding at all.

3-4-51288d ago

* I'm glad they are finally adding women into the game. It's honestly about time women got to play as themselves in a soccer game.

It can only increase sales.

That being said, I most likely won't ever be using the Women's teams, but I'm glad they are there for those that do want to use them.

* I just hopes this means they start adding more lower leagues like the other English leagues and lower American leagues.

ThunderPulse1288d ago

I hate people who can't play soccer and those 12 teams are full of people who can't play soccer.

700p1288d ago

This article is really pointless and all the people crying over women being added need to grow up.

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StrayaKNT1288d ago

I would say they're just wasting their time. Not because female teams are bad obviously but because everyone will still only choose real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea or Bayern munich. Anything else put in the game is a waste of time lol

freshslicepizza1288d ago

probably the same thing will happen with their golf game, people will pick the male players. the audience isn't as large watching womens sports, those are the facts. tennis is probably the most recognized with females but that's about it as far as sports games they have used. i imagine rhonda rousey will be a huge focus in the next ufc game though.

Torgeir1288d ago

Tennis but that also might be because of those weird sex sound they make hitting the tennis ball, o.O But women are just not as good in sports, at least not soccer and such.

gamerfan09091288d ago

Gamers in general are racist, homophobic, and sexist sons of guns who spew nothing but hatred on the internet. The trolls on this site and neogaf know no boundaries. They'll go to Xbox One and Wiiu articles and flood the article with fanboy rubbish so why do you think these wankers would be any different with their treatment of women? Hell half of these guys haven't even been with a woman.

EA and any other company needs to ignore these bigoted idiots and make the game they want to make. The nerd culture and " hardcore" gamers are just nerds that got picked on school and now they're lashing out on others.

Pandamobile1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

"Gamers in general are racist, homophobic, and sexist sons of guns who spew nothing but hatred on the internet."

That's not true at all...

Gaming is one of the most inclusive and broadly appealing pass times in the whole world. It doesn't matter what race you are, what gender you are, what country you're from or how old you are. Everyone that plays games is a gamer.

The vast majority of people who play games are not posting this kind of crap online. The vast majority of people who play games have nothing to do with online communities. These people just the very, very loud minority.

johndoe112111288d ago

You are on a gaming site and making statements like this???????????? You're obviously on the wrong site. You need to be banned.

Nes_Daze1288d ago

*Sees the username* the irony is overflowing.

Nes_Daze1288d ago

The misogynist comments are just jokes people are making, sorry, but I won't refrain from a little comedy because someone might get triggered.

Second, adding women in this game is just extra work that they could've put into other features of the game that actually needed fixing or improvement.

Now, prepare yourselves, FIFA 16 will be the biggest non-improvement, shit FIFA we have ever seen, and all because EA wanted to be a social justice warrior.

hkgamer1288d ago

adding a few women teams doesnt take much effort apart from creating character models. i doubt they would be done by the same people who are fixing or improving the features in the older games that people have complained about.

Speak_da_Truth1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

They never fix anything it's the same L1 + triangle BS online every year ever since Fifa 11. In fact, they took away some features.

SilentNegotiator1288d ago

And then you have people that have to program the animations (not the models, the animations), the stats, etc.

There are definitely people working on this that could have been focusing on the core game in that time instead.

Speak_da_Truth1288d ago

I'm not buying it either. Not because they're adding women. They didn't have women last year and I didn't buy Fifa 15. Ever since Fifa 11 it's been the same shit every year with better grass. Judging from that trailer, the game still looks like Fifa 14. I'll pass but to all those who are gonna spend a shit ton of $$$ on FUT, I blame you cus that's all they seem to care about right now instead of improving the game.

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