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"For the last few weeks, the internet’s been abuzz about AMD’s upcoming flagship GPU—a single-GPU card built to take on Nvidia’s Titan X, but at a presumably lower price. With today’s launch of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Nvidia’s clearly making a preemptive strike against AMD, as you get a card just as fast as the Titan X…but for $650."

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PlayableGamez1234d ago

9.6/10 "Too much VRAM."

Codeman4201234d ago

can never have too much RAM....

T9001234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

6GB of VRAM is amazing for the high end. However for the ultra high end I feel the Titan X is still relevant.

I personally play GTA 5 at a resolution of 48XX * 21xx its a DSR resolution of 3440 * 1440. I use about 4x AA. VRAM used on that game is about 7.5GB in this configuration. Hence if i were to have GTX 980ti it would be VRAM limited. Making Titan X sli as the only current solution for these extremes.

DemonChicken1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

@ T900

how big is your monitor?

AA is pretty pointless at UHD

Edit - mis-read DSR

q8kik1234d ago

Titan X owners are maaaaaaad hehehe

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

T9001234d ago

Not at all, check my post above. Titan X owners dont really care about the price premium to begin with.

Also we play at resolutions where even a GTX 980ti would become VRAM limited. For example playing at a DSR resolution on a 3440 * 1440 monitor. You would end up rendering anywhere between 10m - 20m Pixles, thus a GTX 980ti would become VRAM limited.

I currently play GTA 5 using up about 7.5GB of VRAM.

q8kik1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I thought GTA v could only use 5GB of VRAM.

7.5gb........Are you sure?

I also saw a bunch of benchmarks comparing the two stock cards.

2-8 frames @4K for the extra 350$ isn't worth it imo.

Plus, you could always oc them easily using the reference coolers anyway to match the Titan X performance.

T9001234d ago

I am gaming beyond 4k. Plus i am using 4x AA. I game at about 48XX * 21XX*. Which is about 10M pixles.

4k is about 8M Pixles. So this is 20% more resolution. Plus 4x AA hence it leads to 7.5GB VRAM used. Even at 2X AA the game uses 6.5GB of VRAM, which is still above 6GB VRAM provided by the GTX 980ti.

You can overclock the 980ti all you like, if it hits a VRAM bottleneck then it will stutter. Like i said 980Ti is am amazing GPU. However for the ultra high end where people like to game beyond 4k. Maybe even 5k. Titan X is very relevant for that market.

Eyesoftheraven1234d ago

If I can sell mt 780Ti for a reasonable price I'm getting one for sure.

Snookies121234d ago

Man I'd love to throw one of these bad boys into my system. Unfortunately, money is very tight lately. My rig is in desperate need of an upgrade in the GPU department.

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