Killer Instinct’s Shadow Training Could Change the Way We Fight Computer Opponents

The artificial intelligence used in fighting games has been questionable since the genre first debuted. Hitting up arcade mode, story mode, or similar computer-battle modes has always been a decent-enough way for those tired of training mode CPU dummies to go out into the “world” and try to work on hit-confirming or a number of other tactics, but as we all know by now, doing this is never as good as playing against another player.

This is due in large part to the way that the AI acts. Everything from actually reading your inputs, to employing random tactics, to being able to flawlessly block even the most ambiguous of cross-ups every time (yet still getting snagged by every third errant jab) make it feel, well, artificial. One could even argue that fighting against the AI isn’t even playing the same game as when battling another player.

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mafia_pc1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

really amazing feature, hope we gonna get this kind of tech in more games.

Septic1288d ago

Yeah there is a lot of positive buzz around this. Apparently it works wonders. Need to give it a go.

mhunterjr1288d ago

Yup, it started with drivatars in Forza, and has now has extended fighting games..

If like to see more human-like AI in shooters next, but that seems like a tall order...

Volkama1288d ago

Oh it's Drivatars for a fighting game. Fightatars. Awesome.

Moldiver1288d ago

I hear that my drivatar is hell to race against. Would be the same with my fightatar. Its not easy going against the best, but you might have a chance against my avatars....if you turn down the difficulty.

jetlian1288d ago

Everybody beat up on a 'jetlian' TJ combo.should be easy to beat. I need 80 more fights for achievement

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Sonyslave31288d ago

Killer instinct setting a trend in fighting games ^-^

Volkama1288d ago

I never got into Killer Instinct. I don't enjoy remembering long-stringed combos as a way to "master" a character, and I never got into a grove of actually putting a fluid combo together on intuition. But I do enjoy countering, like the DoA games and such. I think if I bothered to scratch the surface of KI then I might actually find a beat-em-up I really enjoy.

Shame it doesn't look a bit more impressive though. Beat-em-ups are usually a bit of a visual showcase. KI has some nice particle effects, but it's otherwise a bit.... 360.

Septic1288d ago

But you don't have to remember long-stringed combos. Its different. The combos are strung together with strength of attack.

Say you pick Sabrewulf, you can keep spamming the light attack (obviously the more you do it then a player will just combo breaker it) and then cycle to medium and heavy.

Volkama1288d ago

Yeah like I say, I never really got the combo system on intuition. The tutorial started going on about specific openers and linkers and such, and giving set examples of each for Jago. It was all a bit... I dunno, overly structured. Coming from Virtua Fighter and DoA, KI combos didn't flow naturally. Likewise, the counters weren't particularly natural either.

But like I say, I suspect that if I gave it a little bit of time and actually scratched the surface I might find a game I enjoy.

StrayaKNT1288d ago

Huge step forward in the fighting game Genre. This update is a game changer.

Volkama1288d ago

Is it all recorded and crunched locally on the console, or is the data crunched server-side?

It makes no real difference to the quality of the feature as far as I'm concerned, but if it is cloud-based like Drivatars then it's quite interesting that MS aren't shouting about it. Quite a big shift in PR strategy.

Tedakin1288d ago

I downloaded it yesterday and it's just awesome.

Moldiver1288d ago

I downloaded the complete bundle in the sale a while back. Its nice to be able to play the originals as well. It also serves of a reminder how much new gen KI has improved over its original games. Combos were more difficult in the older game and gave little to the way of defensive strategies. This newer KI strikes a better balance between defensive and offensive play. That layer of defensive play is as fleshed out as its offensive style of play, now. chief thunder, jago, orchid and cinder are my characters of choice.

gamerfan09091288d ago

The best fighting game out right now is coming back for season 3. What a lovely, lovely day.

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