Ultra Street Fighter IV at Evo 2015 Officially Returns to Xbox 360

After a less than optimal Ultra Street Fighter IV launch on PlayStation 4 earlier this week, fans were worried about what this meant for competition on the Capcom Pro Tour, namely at Evo 2015 and Community Effort Orlando 2015. Fortunately, Capcom stepped forward and removed the aforementioned event’s obligations to run their brackets through the lackluster port, stating that tournaments were now free to revert back to their region’s standard platform.

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eyeofcore1235d ago

Sony screwed it up real good to the point if lets say Capcom was to ever port USF4 to Wii U, they would be able to make a superior port. KEK

TomShoe1234d ago

Going back to 360 was the right thing to do. Other Ocean clearly could not get this port to standard in time. Hopefully this is the last high-profile work they do for a long time.

TheGreatGamer1235d ago

Embarassing. For capcom's port, not the actual hardware

eyeofcore1235d ago

Don't blame Capcom for a port made by Sony.

TheGreatGamer1235d ago

I should have checked I assumed capcom ported it but you're right, it was Sony so ignore that part in my previous comment. Wow, gg Sony smh

Snookies121235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I find it weird it was Sony's port anyway... I would think with a franchise like Street Fighter, Capcom would want to ensure the newest version is the best it can be. Why would they not handle the port themselves, even if they are working on SF 5 at the moment? Especially given that this new port was supposed to be the main version for Evo and others like that. I just don't get it. :\

BitbyDeath1235d ago

Port was made by 'Other Ocean Interactive', Sony do not own them.

Yi-Long1235d ago

Because it's Capcom, and if they can phone it in and still get your money, they will...

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Satyre281235d ago

Stop trying to cover up for Sony's screw up, the port was completely done by Sony.

colonel1791235d ago

WTH?! That's not true! Sony didn't have anything to do with the port.

Dewitt1235d ago

Except publishing, ignoring, and passing it to another developer because they didn't want to port it in house

Tetsujin1235d ago

I blame Sony and Capcom for this. For the first time I wanted to give SF4 a chance at EVO with a new PS3/4 Controller I waited patiently for to only be told "sorry, we f-cked up and took your money. But hey! It's SF4 and for the new generation!"

This alone is why I wait to buy games. After this fiasco I'm never EVER buying day 1 again regardless of what someone promises.

I don't blame EVO at all for this, they're looking for what's best for the players which is understandable. Again this is a big screw up for all companies involved, and this also leaves a bad taste in my mouth for future releases.

PurpHerbison1232d ago

Incredibly ambitious to decide to finally give SF4 a chance at EVO this late into the games life. SF4 history books can already be written and closed.
Instead of bringing up EVO like you were going to go and put in work... Just be mad it was a bad port. That is much more realistic reason.

Tetsujin1232d ago


The reason I wanted to try SF4 this year is because at the time it was announced on a console I actually own. Now that they shifted back to the 360 version I had to change to another game because I do not own a 360 nor plan on buying one. You may not agree/believe my reasoning for being upset and that's your business, but it's a fact.

hockeyglory1235d ago

Blame for all, Capcom, Sony and Other Ocean.

What doesn't make sense is why Capcom outsourced it to Sony. And then they outsourced it to Other Ocean.

If Capcom doesn't want to make the game, why not they figure out outsourcing to a small dev themselves?

Sonyslave31235d ago

What is sad is that Sony is the main sponsor for this event and Evo choose xbox360 instead of ps3.

hockeyglory1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

360's game has the best input response time. Since the PS4 game was so bad, they decided to ditch the marketing deal which Sony and Capcom had to use PS4's SF game and went with the best version, which turns out to be the 360 game.

EVO probably had a contractual deal with Capcom/Sony to use the PS4 game, but since it is so bad I foresee Capcom/Sony allowing them to break the deal and pick another system.

It would probably be worse if EVO gamers were forced to use the PS4 game because then all the participants would bad mouth the game and people watching videos would see how bad the port is.

So to prevent participants and gamers see the bad port, they allowed EVO to use the 360 game.

Notice how Capcom/Sony never divulge the change in platform. They are keeping quiet hoping nobody notices. But the Mr. Wizard lead guy spilled the beans they are changing to 360.

Rookie_Monster1235d ago

Embarrassing! A more powerful hardware shouldn't have trouble with a 6 year old port. This is not on Capcom but Sony messed up big time on this. There should be no excuse or defense for Sony this time. PRYING SFV goes well

SoapShoes1235d ago

Sony should have tested it rather than taking their word on it you mean... Sony didn't do the port it was other ocean.

Yodagamer1235d ago

Sony published, made the decisions regarding the port and funded it. They should have chosen a decent port team or watched development closely.

Rookie_Monster1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

"Sony should have tested"
Buddy, that there show how blind a loyal follower can be and ignore how actual game publishing work.

Sony had picked hand picked them to do the port! First of all, I have never even heard of this company so I am sure Sony just gave the job to the lowest bidder. Secondly, why didn't Sony QA stop the port and demand more development time to get everything fixed before release? It doesn't matter if it is first, second, or third party, the console owner has to look over games and test them for Quality before granting release on their console. The fact that Sony ignored this important step and releasing it anyways in broken form in the sake of getting this game ready for EVO is inexcusable.

I know you love Sony and would jump if they would ask you to, but please stop making excuses for them from their mistakes.

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