GamesAsylum - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Review

GamesAsylum: "It so transpires that when escaping from a heavily guarded enemy fortress it’s essential to carry a strong metal pipe. In the hands of chisel-jawed war hero B.J. Blazkowicz such a simple object becomes an invaluable tool of many uses, from prying open doors and breaking down broken walls to knocking unaware enemy soldiers off their feet, ready for a swift and silent final blow to the head.

The first part of this standalone prequel entails BJ and his comrade disguising themselves as Nazi soldiers to sneak intel out of a large cliff-based stronghold. Things don’t quite go to plan, however, prompting a daring escape against great odds. Before making a hasty retreat, exploring the Nazi’s prison cells, unkempt kennels and other such delightful places provides an unearthly and harrowing experience"

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