Hunt the Truth Episode 10. Gag Order

Freshman Senator Andrew Del Rio wastes no time turning Biko into an anti-Chief campaign, but news from the Outer Colonies tells a very different story. With the truth about the Spartan program hanging in the balance, how far will ONI go to bury it?.

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rockingchairdad1235d ago

Man I am loving this stuff. Cant wait for halo 5

spicelicka1235d ago

This has got to be one of the most top notch marketing I've seen. The podcast is so well made and the voice acting is amazing, I'm genuinely excited about what is going on.

Lamboomington1235d ago

Only played Halo Combat Evolved (fantastic game), so had no idea about lot of this lore stuff before.

I am totally hooked to this series though. It really is brilliantly done