Google I/O 2015: 5 Things Every Gamer Should Know

GamerFitnation: Google I/O 2015, the time of the year when Google shows off its new ideas kicked off a few days ago with new technology and product ideas that Google feel most confident will innovate and bring new life to the world. The unveil showcased everything from new developer products, to new OS systems for Android. This year, however, we saw some new hardware and software that should pique the interest of all gamers. So here are 5 things to interest gamers that came out of Google I/O 2015.

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xer01238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

1. Augmented reality/Project Tango

So the author chooses to use a Watchdogs example, instead of a real world example like the PS VITA, or Sony Xperia Z series?

"Augmented Reality has existed in the gaming world. The idea of playing a game or laying any digital world directly over the physical one has taken hold over many for years. Most recently in Watch_Dogs, the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, can play AR games on his phone as mini-games."

2. Android TV

Not much to see here. Nvidias' Shield TV is like Amazons' Fire TV.., just a lot powerful in processing power. Enough for 4K streaming at up to 60fps.

3. Google Cardboard

If Google were serious about VR, they wouldn't be carting out cardboard yet again. They would show something like Samsung Gear or HTC Re Vive.

4. Chromecast and Google Play games

Until they can stream live TV... my PS4, and smart TV are enough. Also, they show nothing for me to get excited about, on the games front (This is a games site, yes???).

5. Educational games

This is the only thing I'm excited about.., if they can tie it into VR. That's what Sony and Oculus are going to do.

Today, I already have a lot of basic educational games on the iPad and iPhone.

IF Google were serious about gaming, we'd start to see an investment in game studios. All of this stuff is more or less TV related; and an attempt to express a measure of interest in the VR space - to please it's investors.