What is Sony's mystery E3 game?

The BBC is teasing that mystery Sony game yet again. When BBC's Darren Waters first described this mystery game, he noted that "we could be on the brink of a step change in what games consoles are capable of in terms of story-telling and immersion." However, Waters was surprised that they did not show this game. MAG was cool, yes, but it was not the game this BBC writer was teasing. "This was not the game I was referring to ... And so I still can't talk about it. Or even tell you what it's called."

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pizzas3794d ago

The mystery E3 game is no longer a mystery. It was Heavy Rain. As for the game the BBC reporter keeps teasing us about, we'll just have to wait and see. My guess? It's from Team ICO. I mean what else can it be? It's obviously 1st party.

kittoo3794d ago

Cause it is developed by one of Sony UK studios......

games4fun3794d ago

nobody knows what it is, so even the developer's are being tight lipped. The people who do, signed NDA's. Whatever it is, its big enough to scare anyone who signed the NDA to be afraid of sony coming after them if they do tell.

IMHO: we should have never been told about it, there is no point in saying there is an awesome game coming and giving us nothing to go on. I wish i'd never heard about i would rather have been fully blown away, this is the perfect example of why when you hear news first you also hears tidbits first which is the tradeoff from going on sites like these aside from the bs.

mavent3794d ago

This is a meme that won't die...Darren Waters, the author of the BBC Articles came out and said, unequivocally, that it was NOT HEAVY RAIN

scroll down to the comments

"16. At 8:50pm on 20 Jul 2008, darrenwaters wrote:

@ALL The game was NOT Heavy Rain. I promise you it is not that title."

Mc Fadge3794d ago

He said the mystery game at E3 was Heavy Rain, the game that was behind closed doors. However, he acknowledged we don't know what the mystery game announced by the BBC reporter is. Don't be so violent with the disagrees

CrazedFiend3794d ago

Heavy Rain is not a mystery game.

The game play may be a mystery, yes. But the game itself was announced ages ago...

dogseye_deadhorse3794d ago

sony uk dropped development of the getaway and 8 days for this game cause they saw more potential in it.

whatever they saw in this game must be huge to stop developing those 2 games as they both looked like they could be really good

Shadow Flare3794d ago

Where did you hear it was a Sony UK game? My assumption was that its the new Team ICO game. The only thing i can think of if its Sony UK is, Heavenly Sword 2? I mean the BBC guy did talk about immersive story telling. I doubt it though. It's probably a brand new title

BattleAxe3794d ago

Maybe its Syphon Filter for the PS3.

CrazzyMan3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

99% confirmed information.

The game wasn`t revealed to public and was shown only private.

uie4rhig3793d ago

i highly doubt its Heavy Rain since its already been announced a while back, there is a small possibility that its Heavenly Sword 2 as some already said, if not it must be a new IP that could kill any game out there, (FPS, TPS, MMO and PRG/JPRG in one?) .. i mean there sky is the limit of what this could be...

gaffyh3793d ago

Are all you people blind?? Like 1.3 posted above.

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find this comment number 16 by Darren Waters:

"@ALL The game was NOT Heavy Rain. I promise you it is not that title."

Tomdc3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It doesnt have to be from Sony UK studios! He was there when it was shown and it is a likely possibility, but he was also shown games like resistance 2 on his visit which we all know isn't from the UK...

Oh and there were more than one "secret" games shown at E3 btw =P

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grantps33794d ago

who ever tells me....ill give them a klondike bar!

what would you do for a klondike bar?

QueefyB3794d ago

i will shoot an xbot with an arrow for a klondike bar

grantps33794d ago

well there was also one shown at e3 that wasnt becuase somebody said it showed some person least i think it was for ps3....i dont think it was crysis warhead.

Relcom3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

from the game fracture. Check for yourself, its on the PSN's E32008 sizzle video.

With that said can we let this man in the black suit with orange stuff on him die!

here is said video:

You can see the guy at 56 sec in.

midgetsanx3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

o_O. Interesting...

grantps33794d ago

yeah its been over for about a week