Humble Nindie Bundle Hits $500,000

According to the latest data from the Humble Bundle, the Humble Nindie Bundle has reached more than $500,000 in funding. The average payment for the bundle is $9.19, with nearly 55,000 bundles sold. Currently, paying $10 to the Humble Bundle gets you 10 games, however, there are more titles scheduled to be added this Tuesday.

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Maybay1238d ago

That's amazing.

Congrats to everyone involved (which is also towards a great cause).

wonderfulmonkeyman1238d ago

And people say we don't support anything that isn't Mario.
I'm gonna pick this bundle up Tuesday, once my other financial responsibilities are out of the way and the other games for it are revealed.
It'll be a nice addition to my growing catalog of third party games. (AAA or not, I consider indies a form of third party support)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1237d ago

watch Sony and Microsoft is gonna try to get on board after seeing this success.