Rumor: PSP-3000 In Production, First Alleged Photos Surface

According to forum posters at PSPChina, the long-rumored PSP-3000 in is production and will include a built-in mic, along with minor cosmetic changes.

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pwnsause3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

???this has to be fake. if real though, i guess im gonna have to keep my PSP-1000 for a little while longer, I was thinking about getting the PSP-2000, but news like this is just unreal.

MorganX3767d ago

Sony has been dropping many balls lately. No rear USB on the new 80G PS3, and not this. Building in a Mic means no built-in bluetooth or bluetooth adapter.

I just bought a PSP Slim a month ago and am ecstatic with the hardware, not so much with available software. But as a media device, it needs a Bluetooth adapter. I can't use it in the gym with wires. It's easier to use something smaller with bluetooth like my Samsung P2.

Also, there's no iPod adapter cable. So all the Precor equipment built to connect video Ipods to display on their screens are useless.

If they were putting in Bluetooth, I'd buy one in a second even though my current PSP is only 1 month old. But Sony just doesn't have the Killer Instinct that Microsoft has.

sephy 9 2 53767d ago

if none of the other PS3s had rear USB ports, then why were you under the impression the latest 80GB (previously 40GB SKU) would?

MorganX3767d ago


Unfortunately it cost too much so I got the 40 and put in a 160G HD. I would have purchased the new 80G for $399 and sold my current PS3 with the 80G HD just to get the rear USBs, but nooooo.

If I had rear USB I'd put a permanaent external on the PS3 in my Home Theatre and would be chomping at the bit for PlayTV here in the US. As it is now, I rarely use the USB port at all, I even charge my controllers on teh PC, the connection in the front are not aesthetic. Maybe if my PS3 was in the bedroom or basement, but it's in the home theatre with my 52" LCD, and USB cables hanging out the front are unwelcome.

As much as I want rears, I'm not shelling out over $500 for an original 80G.

xplosneer3767d ago

no PS3 has ever had rear USB ports. I don't know what you are thinking.

MorganX3767d ago

I stand corrected. It had SD but no rear USB.

I can't very well slam Sony for taking away what was never there. The SD I don't need.

Still, PS3 needs an elegant rear USB solution. It is keeping me from buying peripherals for the PS3. With rear USB ports I'd buy a Canon Photo printer, camera, and Play TV. Not putting them in front with a hub and cable. Just not doing it.

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Isaac3768d ago

Sony announced that they would keep making revisions, it is only natural, especially since those will make PSP demand a lot higher.

Relcom3768d ago

Ummm i still don't see my second analog stick....

RealityCheck3768d ago

No 2nd analog stick = no sales to me. It is absolutely essential to bring console-like games to the handheld market. While there have been valiant efforts so far with decent results, they always fall short of the console games because of the lack of a 2nd analog stick.

Mr_Bun3768d ago

How can they keep updating models without dual analogs? News about the GPS add-on is cool, but I will not buy one 'til they update with dual analogs!

Tempist3767d ago

I highly, highly, highly doubt they're going to push a new PSP. Not after making the 2000 series so colourful. It's been less than a year and Sony just doesn't toss money around.

However if these are real, I can only picture it being a limited edition or special package.

Best way to compare is get casing images of the PSP-2000 series.

PJF_Josh3767d ago

at least not for a while. sony has already stated on several occasions that they don't want to make changes that would fragment the market.

adding a second analog stick would be great but would potentially leave millions of psp owners out in the cold as new games get released requiring the second stick.

yeah, the devs could get around that with smart programming but based on their statements it doesn't look like it's something sony is interested in doing for the time being.

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Strife Lives3768d ago

Built in mic? Like the DS? what a stupid rumor.if the mic wasnt standard with all psps,it wont be utilised.much like custom installs and the 360. Btw,they removed the automatic pop loader thingy for UMD loading,and even removed the infa red from the PSP2000,that the PSP1000 had purely cuz it wasnt (officially) supported.and now they'll add a useless mic. Yeah right.

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