Here’s why I despise the Xbox One controller

"But the main reason I had difficulty playing FIFA 15 was because of the bumpers. On my 360 controller the bumpers click in effortlessly – all they require is a light tap. On the Xbox One controller I had to really put pressure on the bumpers every time I needed to use them."

In this opinion piece Gamespresso's Steve explains why he just can't get to grips with the Xbox One controller.

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cl19831238d ago

Nothing like writing a review of an item, when it's well used, and with only a few hours of use by the writer.

Rachel_Alucard1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

But it's not a review and if it was I highly doubt using the thing anything over a few hours would've 180'ed his opinion.

zeuanimals1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

It takes time to formulate a well-thought out opinion and often it takes subsequent viewings, listens, or uses of something to really understand how you feel about it. The idea that it doesn't take a long time to form a well-thought opinion and that opinions will not change no matter what are my biggest problems with anything in any entertainment medium.

People like or dislike things too easily, they don't take the time to actually acquaint themselves with things to understand what they like or dislike to better inform their opinions. Those discoveries are crucial to truly appreciating or truly understanding what you dislike about something.

Sure, some things don't need too much thought to be put into to decide. Poop tastes bad and you don't need to try it to understand that but some things require more thought than that, though there are exceptions in things that should require more thought (anything that is not in the genre of being self-evidently thoughtless, like film, music, and games). The core value required to enjoy some things are thoughtlessness which in turn means that thought isn't required to not enjoy it either (like many terrible films, music, and games that release that don't require a well-thought out understanding of what's so terrible or very much time and use invested to form the opinion). You don't need a critical analysis and a well-thought out opinion informed by the analysis to understand that Grown Ups 2 is terrible, for instance. Just one viewing or even understanding what you're getting yourself into beforehand should be enough for some things, but sometimes you can be delightfully surprised.

rainslacker1237d ago

If you like the click action of the old triggers, but don't like the smooth action of the bumpers, how would playing it more change one's opinion?

I never liked the change Sony made to the DS3 where they went from click triggers to a pressure sensitive trigger, and I still dislike it to this day after thousands of hours of use.

I will concede that despising a controller because it doesn't work well in one particular game isn't a very fair assessment though. If it works well in other games, then one could learn to like it, or at least tolerate it.

Rimeskeem1238d ago

The only thing I truly hate about the Xbox one controller is the bumpers

StrayaKNT1238d ago

Xbox one controller is the best gaming controller ever, 360 close at number 2. Nothing even comes close to these controllers.

SpaceRanger1238d ago

My only gripe about the Xbox one controller is that they should have left the top bumpers the exact same as the 360. I'd say the order of comfort of controller for me would be:

PS4 controller, Wii U Pro controller, Xbox 360 controller, Xbox One Controller, PS3 controller.
Symmetry honestly makes a huge difference and is much more comfortable for me to play with, especially with my left thumb. But that's just my opinion.

Sureshot1237d ago

Glad you put the last sentence in there. After all this whole thing boils down to our own opinions.

badz1491237d ago


you forgot to put "IMO" in your post. just saying

Volkama1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I found it quite easy to understand that he was expressing an opinion even without him explicitly stating it. Do you say "in my opinion" every time you express one?

I suppose he does speak in absolutes, but it still seems unnecessary to point out the obvious.

Brisco1237d ago ShowReplies(2)
poor_cus_of_games1237d ago

The xbox controller feels cheap. Creaks when you squeeze it and the d pad clicks are very annoying. Not fussed at all on it. The DS4 pad is my number one pad. That's my opinion. Unlike aussiegamer who believes that their opinion is fact. Starting to think that that troll has sticks in ms lol.

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SpaceRanger1238d ago

The build quality of the Xbox one controller is great. My only gripes are the new bumper style (I prefer a 360 style), and that it's asymmetrical.

I have symmetrical hands, and I can only speak well about how symmetry on a controller is scientifically more comfortable and reduces stress on the nerves of your hand. Source: I work in the medical field.

Outthink_The_Room1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

That's incorrect.

The fact your hands are symmetrical means nothing, since you aren't holding the thumbsticks identically, nor are you using them identically.

The left thumbstick being up top, allows your thumb to extend on the Y Axis (vertical). Which is exactly what you use it for. We as gamers, in almost every game nowadays, move our character forward. That would be pressing up on the left thumbstick. We aren't wildly swinging our left thumbstick in a million directions. We are more than 80% of the time, PRESSING UP. One directional input for the majority of our playtime.

The right thumbstick for both XB1 and PS4 is correct, because your thumb lies parallel to the buttons on the X Axis (horizontal). And the majority of movements made with the right thumbstick are aiming from left to right or panning the camera left or right.

So again, extending your thumb to move your character has you pressing up, hence the thumbstick being higher to give you that ability easier.

Extending your thumb back and forth to aim on the X Axis means your thumb should be horizontal since those are the preferred angles you will be using on the controller.

If you were moving both thumbsticks in the same directions, then symmetrical sticks work. But since walking/moving is done differently than aiming/panning, then asymmetrical is actually better.

kingPoS1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Does a car with the wheel set left or right hand side make you a better driver, does being a left or right handed guitarist make you more performer?

No.. not one bit, it's all about preference, every one in the world has one.

Really, it's just oranges over apples over pears, take your pick and and accept that no single preference is always right.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Volkama1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

^^ This is the logic to having asymmetrical sticks, and it's pretty sound. Have an "intelligent" bubble vote.

I always felt fans put too much weight on symmetry of the sticks when discussing the controllers, purely because it is the most visible difference between them. Personally I didn't like the analogue sticks on the DS3, but it wasn't because they were symmetrical. It was because they were uncomfortably positioned.

The PS4 and One controllers validate that quite well, because they are both very comfortable to use.

gangsta_red1237d ago

Thank you,

This whole symmetrical argument is probably the most silly of all the "who's console is better" type of discussions.

The fact that in most games your character is walking in a 3D space and is controlled by the left analog then it makes more sense that the left analog is aligned with the controller's button which the Xbox has done.

Both controllers are very comfortable to use and not once have I ever over exerted my thumb when using any of these new controllers.

TheCommentator1237d ago

You just lived up to your namesake, bravo!

magiciandude1237d ago

Excellent comment. Right on.

I do prefer the DS4 over the Xbox One controller, but I have no issue with the latter. Both are comfortable and easy (for me) to adjust to.

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