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TheCommentator1237d ago

The Xbox One battery charger at the bottom of the page looks like a stapler as well. Matter of fact, most of Nyko's stuff looks like crap this gen.

Haki11121237d ago

i got that battery charger it might looks ugly but it saves money on batteries and i can charge 2 at once just swap and charge the other i give that thing a 5/5

Blurmobjet1237d ago

Lol! I thought it was a stapler!
After I read your comment I had to go back and check!

Pastorfuzz1237d ago

@TheCommentator, I agree a lot of this stuff looks like crap. I had 2 Energizer controller chargers last gen for the PS3 and 360. They looked good being black with chrome accents.
I bought the Energizers again for this gen and they don't have the chrome accents anymore. They are grey color and look cheap as hell.

DragonKnight1236d ago

The Data Bank looks like it's ready to read a floppy disc. I'm talking them old school ones from back when they were actually floppy.

TheCommentator1236d ago


You're right, lol! I haven't seen one of those 5 1/4" drives for at least 30 years, back when HDDs were measured in MBs and screens had 4 to 16 colors at best. Those were the days...

iNFAMOUZ11236d ago Show
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ocelot071237d ago

I know right. But it's a good job I don't look at my console when I am playing games.

Pogmathoin1237d ago

For some reason, reminds me of the beginning of BladeRunner. But not on this PS4..... Collective Minds make great accessories.. Media Hub for X1 looks like it was always part of the console.

Cueil1237d ago

the money you'll save though is not hideous...

bumnut1236d ago

Why would you save money? How many hdd's do you plan to buy?

GameSpawn1236d ago


Cost per GB is a little less on 3.5" drives vs 2.5" drives and the capacity cap is much higher (the main reason people want this).

Personally I would avoid this not because it looks like a pimple (it does), but because 3.5" drives generate quite a bit of heat and require more power to run than 2.5" drives. I already suspect this enclosure provides the extra power needed by 3.5" drives, but does it also include additional airflow to cool the drive?

subtenko1236d ago

Actually it looks like a piece of futuristic architecture. Like it would be a building in Yokohama, Japan. Not hideous, less slim, but still looks more interesting than a VHS player.

Persistantthug1236d ago

I think this is interesting....definitely something I'd be into in the future.

Massacred1236d ago

Yeah visually I agree not that appealing, but the functionality is tempting.

ThunderPulse1236d ago

Yet your pic is hideous too.

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LexHazard791237d ago

I'm not a fan of it, but its good to have options.

Wii_nes_0071237d ago

Speaking of fan lol, is there a fan for this device and does it self ventilate? It seems rather dangerous to have this device sit on top of your ps4 and not ventilate. I feel like the ps4 already runs over drive to keep it cool, this could potentially overheat the console and ruin it.

nunley331237d ago

Nyko is also putting out a PS4 intercooler so maybe overheating the PS4 will sell more of those,or so Nyko hopes so.

dumahim1236d ago

That side of the PS4 doesn't really heat up. Tested the temp just now and it's barely above room temp. This will be better off than the stock HD sitting inside.

rainslacker1236d ago

I doubt the heat generated with a hard drive sitting on top of the system is going to be more of a problem than an internal hard drive. Hard drives don't run hot enough to actually damage internal components of a computer, but the added heat can cause problems, but in this case, the added heat isn't actually inside the console, nor does the PS4 ventilate from the top of the system.

Also, you're greatly overstating how hot the PS4 gets.

GameSpawn1236d ago


Hard drives do get surprisingly hot. How hot varies wildly between manufacturers and models of drives, but in general 3.5" drives run hotter than 2.5" drives. I work in computer repair and have had numerous hard drives (various sizes and types) running on an external enclosure to recover data and after a few hours they do get very hot - not necessarily enough to burn you, but enough to be very noticeable.

Even though that area of the system doesn't usually generate that much heat and the more important components are on the opposite end, it is still extra heat being introduced that the system was never initially designed for (aka another variable). Basically if anything DOES happen, Sony can invalidate any warranty claims because you have changed something beyond the initial design of the system (it's an extra variable out of their control).

I'm not saying this is an entirely bad idea, it does mean MUCH larger drives for those that want it. I just caution people that there is always additional baggage when you introduce things like this that change how the system was engineered.

kraenk121236d ago

You don't even own a PS4

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Toiletsteak1237d ago

Just add the option for portable hard drives, i don't have the money to but a 2TB one so if they add the option for portable i will get 1TB plus what ever you get on the console, i think it is around the 300GB mark.

r2oB1237d ago

It would probably be less expensive to buy this accessory plus a 2TB internal HDD, than it would be to buy a 1TB external HDD. So if saving money is your goal, an internal HDD would be your most cost effective option.

suc9151237d ago

Amazon also sells a 2.5 inch 2tb external hdd that you can take apart really easily and put it in the ps4 for $85. Which is actually cheaper than buying this device plus a 1 tb 3.5 inch drive.

Saigon1236d ago


Do you know what it is called?

domford19811236d ago

@saigon I'm pretty sure he means the Seagate Expansion 2tb portable drives. That's what I bought, it was cheaper than anything else and it had a 2.5in Samsung HDD inside

rainslacker1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Difference in price between a 1 and 2 TB drive is about $10 for 2.5" drive. 3.5" can vary wildly based on features. Externals are usually about $10-15 more than the same capacity 2.5" drive which they typically house.

I agree with the option for external HDD, but 3.5" HD's are actually cheaper for much larger capacities. So far, a 6TB drive has been shown to work with the PS4, and it's likely that it can go up to a few hundred TB's given the file system being used.

If you're talking about using drives you already have, then that actually makes sense, and honestly it would be a nice feature to have.

nitus101236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

For price, capacity and performance the best HDD is a 3.5" 6TB (at the moment) drive although if you want the drive to be internal you are limited to a 2.5" 2TB max (at the moment) drive. Obviously for the best performance you would want a 7200 rpm drive compared to a 5400 rpm drive and the price difference between the two speeds is not that much.

Before anyone pipes up with "But Solid State Disks" are so much faster". In answer, yes they are but the price difference is enormous and in many respects it is not really justified. But if you have the money feel free :-)

Choice of hard drive is of course dependent on what you want and what you can afford.

Actually the cheapest solution is to purchase your games on media rather than by digital download since it does not take that long to start playing a game by reading it from BD disk rather than wait for it to download from your internet. This means you may have possibly up to 15 games on your 500GB HDD but you can delete to make rooms for other games and can be confident you can restore and play (room permitting) in a few minutes.

If you prefer digital downloads that is fine but you are really dependent on your network connection if you wish to initially purchase or reinstall.

Still the choice of upgrading your HDD and the obvious additional cost is yours to make.

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frostypants1237d ago

Meh. 3rd party hardware dreck.

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