Controversies, Hate and Moral Dilemmas In Video Games Today

FilmGamesEtc -The problem regarding the morally outraged conservatives is that people like them have been railing against new things for generations, claiming the new generation’s form of entertainment will be the world’s downfall, despite the world becoming far safer, less violent, and more moral. The 50s and 60s had comic books and rock music. Later, it was violent movies. But the hypocrisy with many of those conservative moral crusaders is that, while they didn’t want kids “corrupted” by violent media, they were the ones that pushed to send these same kids off to atrocities such as the Vietnam War. One hundred years ago, the leaders of the world sent unfortunate kids off to the senseless global deathmatch that was the First World War. 16 million people were slaughtered. Again, despite all of our violent media, the western world wouldn’t tolerate something like that today. Meanwhile in the middle-east and Africa, there are thousands being brutally killed. Children as young as five...

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