UGO Live from E3: Red Alert 3: The Japanese Army

UGO writes: "For those fans of the cheeky Command and Conquer: Red Alert series, get ready for the next iteration. This time out, the Soviets find themselves in a pickle as their erasing of Einstein has led to not just the rise of the Allies, but the emergence of the Japanese as an unchecked superpower. What this means for gamers is that there will be a third side available for the taking, and it's a doozy. The Japanese forces are incredibly mobile, and their buildings actually appear as packed up units that need to be deployed. The pros are that you can actually build a barracks, roll it up to the front lines, and deploy it for troops next to your enemy's base. The cons are that it's very vulnerable and could lead to a lot of wasted money. As both land and sea are up for grabs, having the ability to deploy a variety of buildings anywhere at will is very advantageous."

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This or Halo wars should be all the rts i need for a while - but which one?.............