Mass Effect 4's Combat Teased By Bioware Developer, May Be Challenging

Bioware's Jos Hendriks on the game's combat.

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lifeisgamesok2804d ago

Sounds good Mass Effect is one of the best game series ever

Hopefully EA doesn't ever make Mass Effect always-online like the new Need for Speed

TwoForce2804d ago

I don't know. That's the questions we need to be careful about this.

M1ST4K32803d ago

I just hope they don't turn it into a fetch quest RPG like their Dragon Age: Inquisition. I loved DA:I combat, lore, and characters (although acting could have been done a lot better) but the constant uninteresting side-quests annoy me so much.

Mass Effect never had such problem (different kind of RPG too) but you never know what they might turn it into.

pivotplease2803d ago

Fetch quests are the worst. More and more games are taking the Ubisoft approach by artificially inflating the amount of content/play time with trivial tasks, collectibles, etc. Hopefully that isn't the case here.

killacal132803d ago

I know I am going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but I am ready anyways, so far I love the Witcher 3, but sometimes the quests drag way to long with barely any incentives, no experience, no good items sometimes, I just wish they would change some aspects of it.
OT, Mass effect 4 better be good.

ajax172803d ago

One can only hope. Those microtransactions in ME3's multiplayer sucked ass.

CorndogBurglar2804d ago

I hope it is challenging!

My only complaint about the last trilogy is how easy it was. I would like it to be more tactical. The previous games were so easy that i ran through most of the whole trilogy without giving a single order to my squad.

DOMination-2804d ago

ME2 on insanity had a few tricky parts. The collector ship in particular I remember was quite challenging but ME3 was much easier. ME1 was stupidly easy if you imported a level 40+ character but starting from level 1 on hardcore or insane difficulty was very hard

Lamboomington2804d ago

I got a bit annoyed with insanity though. Enemies did become bullet sponges to some extent.

Still, sooo much better than normal. Any game is generally a more intense and enjoyable experience on higher difficulties

DarkOcelet2804d ago

Biotic Shepard in ME1 on insane is hard at first but really owns everyone later on.

Seriously final boss with Bio Shep/Kaiden/Liara team up and he couldnt touch me.

bennissimo2803d ago

Yeah, biotics are a slow build to superpowerdom. Boosted singularity really messes with enemy formations. lol

chrisx2804d ago

It should be challenging. I hope they go back to ME1 overheating guns,that makes more sense in a space age than reloading,just to look cool

-Foxtrot2804d ago

The reason they went back to "thermal clips" (aka ammo) was ridiculous in the games lore.

ZaWarudo2804d ago

Hope it's closer to ME1 and as strategic as DA:I

WizzroSupreme2804d ago

Mass Effect 4's combat better be revamped entirely because the melee's just always been awful, more or less, especially if ME 4 is probably gonna have multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.