Yahoo! Mario Galaxy 1 is out on Wii U in Japan

Starting today, Japanese Wii U owners can download the first Super Mario Galaxy on the eShop. As revealed by today's Nintendo Direct presentation, it will feature all of the fixins' that are already available with the other Wii U releases on the platform. While there was no western confirmation, I think we'll hear something very soon -- possibly next Thursday for the Nintendo Download roundup.

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iplay1up21240d ago

Okay, how about some Gamecube games.

jonrhoades871240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I don't see anything from the gamecube showing up any time soon apart from a couple remasters sadly, they're probably saving those for next gen. To software emulate the GC the system would have to be many many magnitudes greater in power and the Wii U just isn't strong enough.

They could just offer ROM dumps of the games like they are with the Wii download titles. Homebrewers have gotten them to work in the vWii side of the system. But using hardware BC wouldn't be ideal as there are no memory card ports, would require the GC controller adapter which they have hard enough time keeping in stock as is, and there would be no way to quit the game without restarting the system completely.

DC7771240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Hope we get it here.

Sly-Lupin1240d ago

Don't count on it. Japan got FF6 on the WiiU last year; NA and EU are still waiting.

jonrhoades871240d ago

With them dragging their butt cheeks on the digital side with everything your better off just buying the retail copies, apart from NES/SNES games which cost so much you have to sign over your first born child nowadays.

Metroid Prime Trilogy was a steal at ten bucks though and I'm extremely happy I picked that up.