FIFA 16 New Features - Predictions

FIFPlay: Some predictions for EA's upcoming announcement of FIFA 16 new features.

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amirbard1236d ago

probably a new trading restriction in ultimate temam like prices ranges

pcz1236d ago

you get to rig games with bribery

Rusco871236d ago

Refs using shaving foam to show the yardage between the wall and freekick

michitarnat1236d ago

UEFA champions league license and EURO 2016 tournament / qualifications

jackwei221236d ago

It would better if PES and FIFA had equal licenses then they could concentrate more on gameplay on the pitch, also I very much doubt that Konami will give up the UEFA license easily without a fight as that is what sells their games besides the gameplay features on the pitch.

mafiahajeri1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

They need a knew engine already. And fix your damn servers EA! It would be badass if they get the CL league license too

Also hold the FIWC on the ps4, always enjoyed that mode, felt really competitive.