Iwata says he’s not done with Nintendo Directs, again apologizes for amiibo shortages

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata published a few messages on the company’s Japanese Twitter account following today’s Nintendo Direct.

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Cy1234d ago

"I apologize for this shortage we artificially engineered."

eyeofcore1234d ago

That sounds so crazy that people will believe its true and that is a desired and simplest conclusion than accept reality that Nintendo's manufacturing can't keep up with the demand and its not done in china, but Japan which likely has lowest unemployement rate in world, so lack of workers that would do the job is serious... Japan suffers form lack of available man power :P

Dunban671234d ago

if you don t think the shortage is intentional then you must think Nintendo Mngmt is extremely incompetent

Amiibo are not selling due to gameplay because there is not much there- but they are selling to collectors who are afraid they won t get them all if they don t buy now and scalpers taking advantage of the situation

eyeofcore1234d ago


You and that guy are pathetic, just because there is shortage then that either must mean that it is intentional or that Nintendo is incompetent and nothing else as it does not suit your desired conclusion and you don't want to face reality that demand outstrips the supply by a considerable margin even with increase in rate of production along with increase of work force to produce/assemble the figurines.

It is easy to claim it is artificial/intentional shortage or that Nintendo is incompetent than face reality and in case both of you made same claim when NA suffered shortages due to strikes of ports in the west from which vast majority of goods are coming to US and knew about that then you are bunch of fucking liars.

Just to get it out of the way, in case you think I am a radical Nintendo fan then believe that, but doing so you are lying to yourself and in case you claim that then you are lying about me and lying to others and I didn't own nor experience any product from Nintendo.

You and that moron should wear tin foil hats to shows that you are bunch of delusional clowns.

Fin_The_Human1234d ago

Nintendo is notorious for doing this...just look at the Wii launch.

Nintendo use to have a place in my heart but after the game cube onward I can truly say that they are dead to me.

3-4-51234d ago

Amiibos are new, so almost all of what Nintendo is is made for games and not amiibo.

They are adjusting as a company to fit in something like amiibo into their games development cycle as well.

A company like Nintendo has a lot going on.

Developing handheld, console, NX + supporting Wii U, 3DS, Virtual Console games, All future development, putting together Nintendo Directs and their E3 presentations and directs.

It's not just all about amiibos, they only really factor in a small amount.

* Too many people acting like it's actually a bigger deal than it really is.

Dunban671233d ago

Nintendo employees don t actually make the amiibo s- once they are ready for manufacture, it comes down to how many Nintendo order, how much capacity the manufacturer(s) have etc.

Kalebninja1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

the squid amiibo is going for almost three times the original price just a few days after release.. sorry my ass.

shaw981234d ago

Well, it was in Japanese... I doubt it was geared towards you in any way.

Masterchief_thegoat1234d ago

i was hype by some of games but overall it was boring

Big_Game_Hunters1234d ago

Its right before E3. Doubt they would reveal much.

danny8181234d ago

Lol apologizing for shortages huh!

DarkKaine1233d ago

They really are creating artificial shortages, believe it or not. They create the illusion that something is hot and extremely hard to get to create a fad. They did the exact same thing with the Wii. Worst of all, the retailers aren't even getting the stock they were promised which leads to disappointed customers and bad rep. A local store around here called Gameshop in the Netherlands stopped selling Wii altogether after fulfilling the preorders months later. On launch day they only got 10 Wii's while they ordered 600. The store publicly stated that they are very disappointed in Nintendo. That's really how it is.

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