Monster Hunter X Announced for 3DS in Japan

New Game Plus's Charlotte Buckingham writes:

"Adam Evanko, known in the community as Gaijin Hunter, was fortunate enough to attend after he got into the event via a raffle. He was livetweeting the event as it happened, and as you can see below, confirmed that Monster Hunter 5 has been announced by Capcom."


Image came from Famitsu:

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Doge1238d ago

Would've preferred a console release, but this is still awesome news.

SweatyFlorida1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Doesn't make sense when consoles are pretty much irrelevant in japan. 3DS is the only one that's holding up there and even its sales are starting to decrease.

I'm sure they can do a couple more million on this new MH but it's silly to think they'll try anything else.

rainzor1238d ago

Well handhelds are pretty much irrelevant because of smart phones. Just release it on ps4, Xbox One and Pc

breakpad1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

damn you Capcom why not on Vita??? it would be so better ...Sony lost(or let intentionally) another chance to bring a new Monster Hunter for Vita ..i could say that Vita is living its last moments

Neonridr1234d ago

I can taste the salt in your tears breakpad.. ;)

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killerluffy1231238d ago

Dragon quest Viii , fire emblem if , monster hunter x and monster hunter stories.Vita is sooooooo dead , hahaha .You can hear the pathetic Vita fanboys crying when MH X was announced. Damn glad to have both New 3DSXL and the crappy Vita.

trickman8881238d ago

lol at "crappy vita". Dat's gonna make the vita fanboys salty

but yeah, I have both of them too. 3DS easily has the better library(sadly) and still continues to have more support

killerluffy1231238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

crappy in the sense that its the worse gaming product I've ever purchase, even an Iphone 6 does better in gaming than it.

MegaRay1238d ago

You have both? Lol. You dont have a Vita, its oblivious.

rainzor1238d ago

PS Vita is a much better product. Superior hardware and controls. That's why Monster Hunter X, should be on that system

antias1238d ago

Nah Mini Analog sticks are crap. 3DS dpad is better. Vita slightly more powerful but if you care about power get a fucking PC. Vita is ok but really a joke compared to 3DS and sales prove that. It's not even competition really.

Neonridr1234d ago

yet still fails to sell rainzor, so clearly all that power is going to waste.

TwoForce1238d ago

Wow, this makes you sound more like fanboy. What an arrogance !

alvgamin4lif1238d ago

Yeah you don't have a vita. Who are you trying to fool anyways? The vita is not crappy and has a lot of good games to play. Now I'm not saying that the vita has more games than the 3ds nor am i saying that those games are better (this depends), but no way the vita is crappy.

Revengeance1238d ago

I would be crying but I'm too busy enjoying the Vita. Anyone who thinks it's crappy are the people that DON'T game on it and are too blind to see there are STILL games being made for it.

themonado1238d ago

Why would you be glad that you have something that's "crappy?" Like wtf

Griever1238d ago

That is really low. Yeah, the Vita is in a pretty bad situation but no need to act like a bully troll who likes to kick someone lying on the ground. Just the let the people who love their Vitas enjoy them without the harassment. People have different tastes and some obviously prefer the Vita over 3DS. Personally, I have a 3DS XL and do not prefer the Vita over it but I do not bash it either.

paul-p19881237d ago

"You can hear the pathetic Vita fanboys crying when MH X was announced."

Personally, as a vita owner, I was crying with laughter at the jaggies, low quality textures, and the lack of any effort Crapcom put into this series anymore. And this is coming from someone who put hundreds of hours into the PSP versions and someone who wants MH to be relevant again, but the laziness of Crapcom make me happy it's on a portable I will never own so I will just continue playing Toukiden, God Eater and Freedom Wars all from studios who care about quality!

(I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but I couldn't help it after watching the trailer yesterday and wanting to scratch my eyes out!!)

Neonridr1234d ago

sure paul.. keep telling yourself that.

This game is going to sell in droves.

Why do you think Capcom doesn't want to partner with anyone else on this series? You think they would rather sell like 500,000 copies on the Vita or over 5 million on the 3DS?

do the math.

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rezzah1238d ago

When will the contract with Nintendo be finished?

RaikRhythm1238d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if they resigned, as MH has grown heaps on their consoles. MH4U (3DS) has been the best-selling game in the West to date.

SweatyFlorida1238d ago

It really has almost become a staple, and fills a much needed role in Nintendo's library, that role of attracting more of the hardcore audience who don't just play fighting games like smash.

Besides, its the only relevant option atm in Japan since they have 3-4 choices, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, and Vita. 1 is selling and has sold x times more then all of those systems, and that's 3DS. Maybe NX will be an option in the future if Nintendo strikes it big with that. PS4 doesn't seem like a viable option, yet anyways despite doing great everywhere else in the world. Some could argue that if MH was on Ps4 then its sales would bump but they would have to put much effort into upgrading graphics on hardware they haven't done the game on etc, might not be worth the amount they would potentially make, if it sold well at all.

MrSwankSinatra1238d ago

Actually there is no proof there ever was a contract.

jcnba281238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Probably never since 3DS is outselling Vita 5:1. Blame sony for not supporting their own product.

Spotie1238d ago

Probably would sell a lot better if one of the PSP's biggest franchises were present.

ZaWarudo1238d ago

The contract thing was only a rumour, but definitely feels like it with Capcom's constant d**k-riding Nintendo.

antias1238d ago

Nah, if PSVita actually sold than monster hunter would be on Vita.

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KryptoniteTail1238d ago

Vita now. Or I guess later as Monster Hunter X+ or something. How long is Nintendo going to hog this s***?

jcnba281238d ago

How long is sony going to hog SFV? Works both ways my friend.

MrSwankSinatra1238d ago

Sony made that game happen, it has nothing to do with hogging.

Spotie1238d ago

No, it doesn't work both ways, cuz it's not the same situation. You know that, too. Dunno why some folks act like they don't understand.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

as long as Sony hog Tales (even though it Namco)

HawaiianDreads1238d ago

Well that's the thing Sony is not hogging Tales(Namco) from the rest of the consoles owners. It's Namco own decision to keep it on the PS platform because it sells the best there. That's why they try to test the waters with ToS for the gamecube and ToV for the 360 but they didn't like the results so went back to PS.

BlackWolf1238d ago


Well, this is a similar situation. It's Capcom's decision to keep the series in Nintendo consoles, as from the looks of it, it sells best there. They tested the waters, and the combination worked better than expected.

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